Sometimes Good Questions, Aren’t


My son has always had a very inquisitive nature.  When I was pregnant with my third child, he was three.  He fully grasped the concept that there was a baby in my belly.  But, what he wanted to know was, how the baby was coming out.  At first I tried with vague, non specific responses.  But they weren’t doing it for him.  He kept bringing it up, again and again.  Then he started to get worried.  “Mommy, how will the doctors get the baby out of your belly?”  “Will they cut you up?”  Finally, after hemming and hawing several times over the course of several weeks, I told him that God gives Mommy’s a special hole for the baby to come out. 

This of course didn’t help to dispel his curiosity.

He then wanted to see it.  Which, of course, I told him he couldn’t.  I explained it was a special hole and it didn’t really open up until it was time for the baby to come out. 

This seemed to satisfy him and the conversation wasn’t mentioned again. 

A little over a month later, my baby girl was born.  Shortly after she was born, the kids were invited into the room to see their baby sister. 


They were so excited to see her.  They looked at her and said hello.  While still in my husbands arms, before even a full minute in the presence of his new sister he turns and looks across the room at me sitting in the hospital bed and asks,


“Hey Mom, can I see the hole?”


(Don’t you love the look on the nurse’s face?)

I’m telling you. This kid stays on top of things.  He doesn't just ask questions to ask questions.  He really wants to know.  And persistent too.  This story provides the much needed background for Friday’s post entitled “Eggnog Talks.” Be sure to come back tomorrow to hear the first of two conversations had between my husband and my son as they sip eggnog (aka” the talking/sipping drink” at our house).  

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  1. Was this the look the nurse gave when she heard the question??

    Kids they don't forget anything!!!

  2. I just want you to know that as I read this at midnight, I'm having to bite my thumb to keep from laughing and waking everyone up. That is a great/funny/embarrassing story!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is so cute/funny! I love the question children ask at that age. You can almost see the little wheels turning in their heads trying to figure this world out.

  4. Too funny!!!!! I do just love the look on the nurse's face!

  5. LOL! Kids DO say the darndest things....and at the most opportune time. This is so funny.

  6. I try to be as upfront with my kids as possible about everything. Though I was spared this one some, as I had to have a c-section with both. But The Girl was fascinated with the "the line where the doctors got me out." But she knows a little more about anatomy (at least her own) than most kids her age as she found an anatomy book and we looked through it she loved the inside of the eye page the best. But I made sure she knew that these things were not something you talked about in general it was something that you should only really talk about with your doctor. She gives the doctors a hard time as she asks questions. My OB/GYN was practically blushing after my last post baby doctors appointment. >^_^<

  7. That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! It makes me feel relieved that my kids are too young to know, or care, about that sort of thing right now!

  8. Oh, my gosh! I Laughed so hard. The hole. That's classic.

  9. Pah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you bust a stitch when he said that???? That is priceless. I'm dying...laughing out loud, tears streaming down my funny! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

  10. Bust a gut! That's awesome. Was her face really from his query? 'cuz that makes it even funnier!

  11. :D
    my parents were in a similar situation. they got to "where does the seed come from?" and my dad shouted "we got it at the dang Co-op" end of anatomy lesson

  12. What a good explanation ... didn't quite think to put it that way when the question was asked by my kiddos! So, did he get to see??? (Hee hee - joking) And yes, I love the look on that nurse's face.

  13. OH MY WORD! Hilarious!! The nurse's face....oh my funny.

  14. LOL!!! When I was pregnant with John, Tabytha was 5 and had the same question. I told her the Dr was going to cut my belly and pull John out, called a c-section. She asked if all women have babies like that and I told her 'no'. I didn't go into details and told her most babies come out from between their mommies legs. She was satisfied with that answer w/o wanting anymore details. Thankfully for me, lol!

  15. Just read this post now.... and it is a timeless classic.
    Too funny! Thanks for the chuckle.


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