I Wish I Was Kidding


Wasn’t able to snap a picture of this one, because it was too disgusting for me to do anything but stop it right away…

But if anyone wondered why I call it life at the circus…

…just caught my 18th month old brushing her teeth with her brother’s tooth brush, in the dog bowl…

gross on so many levels…


  1. Concept is right. Need to work on execution. 8-)

  2. I my reactions as I read in order
    Awww...ewww...ummm... hmmm...
    I know that was wonderfully articulate but I'm sure you know what I mean.

  3. Oh, no!!! I bet her brother's not going to be happy about getting that tooth brush back.

  4. LOL All I can do is laugh - laugh - and laugh some more. She will be the one to give you grey hair so Miss Clairol here she comes!
    Love that circus.

  5. Yuck! I found mine washing his hands in the [clean] toilet last night--again, concept vs. execution--but somehow I was less icked out b/c he is a boy. What's with that?

  6. Nothing in comparison to when Joey was about 9 months old and I found him "slurping" off of the floor...what (may you ask) was the puddle from which he slurped....dog pee, seriously, how can anything be worse than that !


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