Do We Have No Decency?


Last week the girls and I were at the auto mechanic waiting to get the oil changed in our minivan.  We were sitting nicely in the the waiting room reading books and enjoying some goldfish when suddenly I look over at the older one and shockingly find her standing in the waiting room (filled with people) with her pants and underwear down to her ankles.  I quickly pull them up and ask her why she did this and she explains that her “butt hurts.”  I quickly take her into the bathroom to fix this.

Today I took the kids to the park to enjoy our heat wave (45 degrees today).  As I was unloading the girls I look over to see my son with his drawers dropped, peeing in the grass. 

“What are you doing?” I shriek as I then make eye contact with the mom in the car beside ours.  “I have to pee,” he explains. 

As if it is ok to just pee wherever we want. 

For the second time in a week, I find myself hurriedly pulling up my child’s pants and ushering him away from the public spectacle we’ve caused.  Thankfully, we have our in van potty seat, which I find in the back of the van.   Apparently he really had to go b/c he tried to go in the parking lot when I set it on the ground.  I quickly get it in the van and out of the world’s view.  He asks why he can’t pee in the grass.  I say b/c it is gross and people walk there.  He then asks if he could pee in poison ivy (I know his logic is that no one would be walking on poison ivy).  I caution him that it isn’t a good idea to pee in poison ivy either.

Apparently I need to have a little talk with my children about decency and what behaviors are and aren’t appropriate in public. 


  1. Yes, I would say it would be good to nip that one in the bud - I can imagine you must have been quite flustered! On the bright, side it makes an amusing blog post!

  2. I feel your pain! I experienced some similar events when mine were young. The concession line at Disneyland was definitely the worst.

  3. My 8 yo son left the bathroom door open, and shouted, "see ya' later" to his 9 yo female neighbor as she left our house last week. Modesty will not be visiting your house for five years!

  4. Oh you make me afraid of my future!

  5. man, your blog stories get better and better!

  6. Its funny how innocence and ignorance can result in the same behaviors as wickedness and rudeness.

  7. Oh, how funny!!! They're just so innocent in some of the things they do.

    I've had some similar instances with my girls and not pulling their panties and pants up after going potty. But I'm sure I have no idea what's in store for me when Will gets older. Maybe I should just plan to keep him in diapers forever???? Probably not, huh?

    Oh, you were "featured" in my new blog post. Thank you for your constant encouragement to me. Both through sharing stories on your own blog and commenting on mine!

  8. that's hysterical! once we had our 3&4 yr. old sunday school class outside playing and one young gentleman did the same. he figured since they have a "pee tree" at home it must be ok to pee on any old tree. love it!

  9. hahah. I love the poison ivy comment!


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