Here We Go…




  1. this rocks!! what an amazing game! i am officially in love with troy polamalu and my husband says it's ok because he is too. can't wait to hear all about it from your perspective!!

  2. The bird is dead!!
    How are you with Cardinals?

  3. I'm am at a total loss... where do you get these pictures?

  4. Good luck returning home to those dead ravens!! Left them in the dust - or on the turnpike! GO STEELERS!!! Look out Cardinals!!

  5. Waaaaaaa! What a poetic image!

    You crack me up!

    Mild-mannered mother of three, wife of an engineer on weekdays but....


    (There in church the hymnal trembling in her hands; underneath the battle of focus upon the good Word..."the streets will be paved with GOLD"....uncontrollably "GO STEELERS!!" she exclaims from her seat...but she hasn't violated the dictum of "remaining silent" because she hasn't uttered a prophetic word--the Steelers aren't in the Scriptures...)

    By Sunday she's like a Celtic Warrior Mama; face painted and ready to endure wind-burn, frost-bite....perhaps even LOSE HER TOES!

    She is STEELERS-MAMA! :)

    Do you notice the desert terrain and mountains? I-75 runs north/south from Ohio. Maybe, just maybe that shot's from Kentucky through somewhere in northern Georgia mountains but I wonder if that's some Albquerque Steelers fan who did a nice photo-shop job. This place is crawling with Steelers fans....and its a little warmer, too! :)

  6. i'm just now catching up on blogs and THIS cracked me up! love it!


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