Jury’s Still Out…



I mentioned before, that Scott and I have not made any decisions regarding the size of our circus crew.  Some days we feel quite complete with our trio, others there’s that desire to add another little one to the crew.  So, we haven’t done anything drastic and we’re spending some time praying and thinking on it.  But the crew members are starting to share their feelings on the matter.  Not that we asked them their opinion mind you.

Last week the kids and I were walking to the park each holding hands and my son who was in the middle of his two sisters, says to me…

“Mom, it’s not fair that I don’t have a brother.  They both do and I don’t and I want one.

Me:  Well, if we did have a baby brother, he’d be a lot younger than you.

Son:  That’s ok.  I want to teach him things, like karate.

Me:  Hmm… well, there is no guarantee we’d have a boy.

Son:  Oh, well, then you could just have another and we could have 5 kids

(woah, slow the baby train down here… we haven’t even agreed to a fourth)

Me:  Hmm, well, I think it would be hard to fit 5 kids in our minivan

Son:  We could get a bigger van

Me:  Well, with all those kids how would I have time to spend with all of you?

Son:  Well, the baby’s take naps so when they nap you can play with me.

It appears he has this all worked out.  I was left with no arguments, so I believe I muttered something like, “Hmm, we’'ll see…” and left it at that. The girls haven’t felt the need to share their point of view, but I am sure before long they too will voice an opinion.   He brings it up fairly often though…again this morning when I was scurrying to put on 3 pairs of shoes and 3 coats and scurry out the door to drop my son off at preschool, he said, “Ya know I really want a baby brother and then we could have 4 kids and 2 grown ups which is 6 people in our family.”  Yes, on a day when I didn’t get a shower or even my morning glass of milk, and the girls are heading out with out socks, just sneakers and we are STILL late for preschool, that is an excellent time to discuss adding another one to the circus.   Jury’s still out…


  1. You have one very astute, thoughtful, reasoning, lobbyist and cute son. Good luck winning arguments with him as he gets even better (if that is even possible).
    Love yea!

    PS. I swear, I never prayed that your husband would get a child just like himself (no payback prayers) . Except when I prayed that his son would be a believer (at an early age), astute, thoughtful, a good reasoner, a leader and cute. 8-) 6 out of 6 aint bad! 8-D)))

  2. well! he's sure been thinking about this! it really is hard to argue his logic. it really ISN'T FAIR that they get to have a brother and he doesn't. because as we all know, brothers are pretty great.

    and, is that, perchance, marker all over your oldest girl's little face? because i thought the tongue out was just cute enough.

    and can you also tell that i've been reading jane austin because never in my life have i used the word 'perchance'.

  3. We had a phase where Ella was always wanting a baby brother or sister. Fervently desperately wanting a baby. That was hard because we weren't, still aren't, sure about another. But everyone kept telling me I couldn't have another baby just to make Ella happy - what an example that would set "dad I want a pony!" (not that I think you would do that).

  4. My oldest decided that 10 would be good maybe more. My second told just the other week that five is a good number of kids. My youngest doesn't yet care as long as she can play with them. The jury is still out here also but after three c-sections if we have another I think that will be it.

  5. Doesn't your son know that when the new baby naps, mommy will be blogging???

    My 8 yo tells people I will have a new baby every 2 years until I am 40!! .... not that he has been wrong yet, but still!!

  6. I absolutely love pictures of the Circus kids....the tongue out is quite hysterical and if your fourth child came in half as cute as the first three well then I say keep em coming! Who needs sanity? I hear it is completely overrated.

    Besides, pregnancy is such great blog fodder as is a new baby....not that you have any trouble with fodder with the current Circus crew....

    Ps. I totally need to meet you soon. May feels really far away in all this blasted snow.

  7. Wow! What thoughts from such a young little man. He really has spent some time thinking about a brother. My guess is your girls may not sound in with this as they each already have a brother and a sister. Sounds like your going to be spending more time thinking and praying for an answer on this.

  8. Geez, is he going to be a lawyer or some kind of interrogator?!? If he keeps going, you'll be asking him if it's ok to want another one!

    All kidding aside, you are such a tender mother that I know you'd be a great mom of four. :)

  9. This is hysterical! He's got some really good points, C! LOL!

    That picture is completely adorable. Your kids always make me laugh!

  10. I am an advocate for four, if he needs someone else to help him persuade the ring leaders:) What circus couldn't use another cast member? No matter how many, you'll still have a circus!!!

  11. Do you remember when your son kept inviting me over? You were so surprised that I would come over. My response was, "well he has mentioned it many times...it must be important to him!!" I agree, you can't have a baby for his sake. In the end, is it really your decision anyway? God will open or close your womb. Good opportunity to teach your son to pray and wait on God.

  12. Adorable story! Aidan is excited about possibly getting a brother soon, but if it's a sister, I don't know if I'd go for four. Oh, wait, I think I hear God laughing in the background, because my husband and I said, "No kids!" LOL

  13. This was funny! My brother and I used to campaign for another brother or sister all the time. We were relentless! : ) Once we even made a collage where we cut pictures of cute babies from the Sears catalogue and glued it on a piece of construction paper and left it on Mom's pillow. : )

    Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog. It means so much to me.

  14. He knows what he wants! He always sounds like such a deep thinker.
    You'll get to that certain day when the decision will be made. Best of luck to you guys.

  15. That sweet boy! You got to love the jury!


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