I’ve Had the Time of My Life…


Game time 6:30pm on Sunday, January 18, 2009

IMG_4673Scott and I were in our seats by 4:45.  We were too excited to stay away any longer.  When we looked out into the stadium, it was obvious who the non season ticket holders were.  There was a sprinkling of us around the stadium.  Rookies eager to enjoy every precious minute of the event. 

As we sat down in our seat (only three rows back in the upper level) we could see everything!!  I looked over to Scott and said, “I think I just found a way to be discontent with our big screen TV.” 

The temperature was in the twenties and then the teens.  We came prepared though.  I was wearing…

3 layers of pants

4 layers of shirts

1 military issue arctic condition coat borrowed from my FIL

2 pairs of gloves

3 socks

1 stadium blanket

1 pair of boots (one of which lost its sole)

3 hand warmers

4 foot warmers


  I’ll be honest.  My hands and toes were cold.  And I could feel the wind on my face.  But otherwise I was really fine.  I’ve been colder than that running to my car and driving to preschool in the morning.  Amazing what layers can do…and emotion and adrenaline help too. 


Highlights for me included: 

  • watching Ben scramble out of the pocket, throw a pass to Holmes and then watching him run across the field, follow the blockers and score a touchdown… it was amazing to watch the entire play come together!
  • getting to see a Polamalu interception returned for a touchdown was a dream come true.  Our seats were on the 20 yard line so we saw that touchdown right before our eyes.  Scott and I were jumping up and down screaming like crazy.
  • watching the defense take a stand… man I’ve heard of the power of the 12th man, but to be a part of it was something else…seeing our number 1 defense hold them to no first downs in the first quarter and keep them under 200 yards for the entire game was awesome.  Hearing the crowd go wild when the defense was on the field was truly awesome! 
  • And then the rumpus after we won.  We’re hugging perfect strangers, high fiving… more jumping…dancing in the aisles, singing, more dancing…it was incredible!  Pittsburgh’s going to the Super bowl!!!!


We truly had the time of our life and didn’t want it to end.  We even stopped at Eat-N-Park on our way home just to make the night last a little longer (yea I got a few stares in my face paint…somehow removed from the celebration of the event, you look more ridiculous…but I didn’t care… We’re going to the Super bowl Baby and I watched them get there!”


  1. Dad and I were so happy for you. It made the trip, the tickets, the cold, the cold and the cold so worth it. We screamed our heads off, waved our Terrible Towel, and screamed some more - even as we drove home. We watches the game at the home of other Steeler's fans.
    Great game.
    Mom and Dad

  2. You are adorable! Love your enthusiasm. Congratulations again on your win, and your prior post is hilarious!

  3. I missed the Holmes touchdown due to a cranky 3 yr old who was crying instead of going to bed. It took a lot of motherly patience to work through it with her instead of just running back down to watch the game. Thank goodness for DVR - I rewound and watch the whole drive...for all I knew the defense had scored on an interception so it was pretty exciting to see, even a few minutes late.
    Matt is in mourning for the Eagles loss so I have to contain my glee just a bit - he said I need to simmer down until Wednesday.

  4. Hazzah on the win! I will confess that I was playing World of Warcraft with my husband who was getting grouchy that no one was on to run a dungeon with I had to remind him that the game was on.

  5. We were so happy for your dream come true - LIVE AFC Championship Steeler Football. We loved baby-sitting so you could be there and scream and dance and hug and scream and . . .
    Can Not Wait for the BIG SUPERBOWL PARTY!!!!!! Pittsburgh IS going TO THE SUPERBOWL! (again :-)

  6. Well, I'm a Browns fan, but always glad to see former Buckeyes like Holmes bringing joy to others.

  7. YAY! That's great! So glad they won and you all got to see it live!

  8. hi! i take it back--inflatable steeler or not--you are a true FANATIC!! I love it! so glad you had a great time and even though i am sad at the result--i think it is SO incredibly cool that you got to go! are you going to frame your terrible towel? :-)

  9. I'm thrilled for you! I cannot even imagine how intense an experience it was...the aura there during regular season can be amazing...I cannot even grasp its level during the AFC Championship game! Well, I kind of can after reading this post! Just don't get on here and post about how you two are going to Tampa, k? I'd be really super jealous then.

  10. Soooooo awesome!!! You guys are the best! Hope you get your voices back soon!

  11. I had to laugh at the photo of you guys...Jordan and I were sitting on the couch with the girls, and I told them to look for Auntie Crystal on TV. I suggested that perhaps you would be one of the people with a painted face, and Jordan was like, "nah..."

    LOL! You looked so festive!

  12. ok, so as i watched the game and they panned the crowd i couldn't help but hope to see you guys. however, i NEVER would have expected the face paint. i expected cute little crystal in her pony tail and either you or scott in that steelers santa hat. i was partially right!


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