I Think I May Have a Problem…


I had a dream last night that I went to the movies and when it was my turn to order the tickets, I couldn’t remember the name of the movie we wanted to see.  For some reason they didn’t list them on the wall behind the register like normal.  I tried to call someone for help, but suddenly my phone had been replaced with a different phone and every time I hit the buttons for my contact list, it took me to some funky screen and I couldn’t find anyone’s number.  As the line behind me grew and grew I kept begging the man at the register, “Please, it’s about a guy and a girl… it’s a comedy, with a little romance…you know the one…what is it?” 

The funny thing is at the end of the dream when I finally found out the name of the movie, I said to myself, “Man, my memory is really going…it must be momnesia…I have totally gotta blog about this.”

And then I woke up.

What?  I am blogging in my dreams now?  I thought it was bad enough that when my kids say something funny and I laugh, that they ask if I am going to blog about it.  Or the fact that when I go to share a funny anecdote with a friend, I am often interrupted with the phrase, “yea I know I read about that on your blog”  But blogging in my dreams?  I think I may need some serious help. 


  1. I don't think you need help. If you do, then we both do. I "write" in my sleep/dreams all the time. And at the grocery store. And while I'm at work sitting at my desk. I string together very profound sentences with perfect sentence structure. Then I sit down to the computer and....nothing. Writer's block. Happens all the time. I think it's the "writer" in me that is constantly writing something in her head. So I think its the same with you...the writer/blogger in you is constantly at work.

    And, I hear the same old, "yeah read it on your blog" line all the time. People. Can't they just let us tell our stories????? We're "frazzled mommies." We need to be heard!

  2. That is too funny!!!

    I do think about blogging all the time, too, it seems. But it hasn't made it into my dreams...yet!

  3. You can tell the stiry to me in person. Sometimes the stories are funnier when heard not read. You get the whole tone of voice and facial expressions then.

  4. I generally try to respond to the "yeah I read it on your blog." with "Oh, I didn't know. You didn't comment." *smile*

  5. ha! i wrote the perfect blog post last night as i was falling asleep. of course in the morning, i couldn't even tell you what it was about. it is a little scary.

  6. Stella G,
    It was probably about your awesome Mom and how much you love her. . . . . . . . . . just an idea . . . . . . . not it? . . . . . oh well, I tried to help you remember. 8-) LOL

  7. Too funny!! At least blogging in your dreams keeps you productive. I've been on a bloggy hiatus lately - not much to write about. Maybe going to my dreams is an idea!

  8. You are in serious blogging overtime :-)


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