Where Is He Going With This?


My husband is a genius.

Pure genius, I tell you.

We were sitting around the table the other day at dinner.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The kids were complaining about eating their green beans. Like I said, nothing unusual.

Then Scott asked my son, “Do you know why parents raise kids?”

“Because their fast.”


“No, not race, raise, as in, why do they have kids and help them grow up?”

(Ok, I have no idea where Scott is going with this and what it has to do with beans).

Then my son throws a zinger, to what Scott was posing as a facetious question.

“So they will bring glory to God.”

(OK seriously, what do you say to that?)

Pause…regroup…eat a few more bites of dinner…time for a different approach

(I still have no idea where Scott is going with this).

“You know something parents really love about kids?”


“Their ears”

(What the heck Scott?)

“Parents love to eat their kids ears.”  Scott then pretends to reach over and take a bite of his ear.

My son giggles.

Scott goes on to say that ears are really best when kids reach about 8 or 9.  Those are the best ears.  It’ll only be a few years and his ears will be ready.  My son covers his ears and giggles. 

(I  have no idea where Scott is going with this).

Scott goes on to say that when kids eat their vegetables it makes them taste really bad.  Parents don’t like ears with vegetables in them. 

The kids each take a bite of their green beans.

(What a genius!)

Much giggles and veggie eating and pretending to chew ears ensues from here. 

I wonder if it will really last though.

2 days later I’m serving up some stir fry.  The kids see a bunch of veggies in the pan and start to complain.  I remind them that these will be perfect for keeping Daddy from eating their ears.  Seriously, their smiles are huge and they can’t wait to eat their veggies.

We sit down for dinner tonight and do you know what my kids eat first?

Their vegetables.

“Daddy, look, I just ate 3 peppers, bet you won’t like my ears now?”

Daddy pretends to be distraught over this, “Nooo, not veggies…. please no!”

The kids giggle and continue to devour their veggies.

At the end of dinner, Daddy says, “Mommy, please don’t make vegetables for dinner tomorrow.”

My son says, “Mom, can we have broccoli tomorrow?”  (My kids HATE broccoli).  I ask the kids if they really want broccoli.  My son gives an enthusiastic yes while my daughter says, “I really want green beans!” (their second least favorite veggie).

Didn’t I tell you he was smart?  He never ceases to amaze me.  I have no idea how long this will last, but I will gladly put up with the cannibal talk around the table as long as my kids willingly eat their veggies without complaint.


  1. this made me laugh so much and reminds me of another great blog post about getting kids to eat.


  2. That is genius indeed! I love the creativity that is derived from parenting kids, and the things we say and do spontaneously that we would never do otherwise--and the new way we look at our spouses when they come up with these sparks of brilliance!

  3. Think Scott could come over for dinner at our place sometime? I'm thinking it would be really effective with N and C if a total stranger is talking about eating their ears.... yep, he's a genius!

  4. If your husband weren't married and I was looking to be a mom instead of the old lady grandmother that I am, I'd marry your husband and have his children. I already love him just from this story!

  5. I need to pass that conversation on to my kids. It is like torture to get them to eat their veggies!

  6. awesome! awesome! awesome! i am so impressed! mabye in a few years that will work with our kids. oh, except our kids mostly LIKE their veggies. okay, totally can't complain about my kids in that department. don't worry, though, i will find something else that drives me crazy, i'm sure!

  7. Pure genius. Or we used to call it "reverse psychology"

  8. That is creative parenting at its best. Love it!

  9. Love Love Love when humor gets 'em!!! That is aWESOME!

    Glad all is going well - it was fun catching up over here today. Hope the pregnancy continues well! Thanks for your kind words - you do know all too well how life can have its up and downs!

    I am gonna try those saltine cookies!!! YUM!!!!


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