How this Christmas is Different


Megan is hosting her annual Sharing Christmas carnival where bloggers can invite their readers into their homes for a sort of Christmas Open House.   I tend to use the same decorations each year in pretty much the same locations and since I posted on those here last year, I am not going to redo the same post.   Instead I thought I would post on how things are different this year at the circus.

This year we did not get lights hung on the house.  We had very good intentions.  We were going to hang them up the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  And then we were going to cut our tree down on Monday afternoon.  Scott even took a vacation day from work.  But, I checked the weather report on Sunday and it was calling for rain on Monday.  And I decided if we only had one sunny day to work with, the tree was more important than the lights.  Scott attempted to go quickly up on the roof before we headed to the tree farm but the lights weren’t cooperating… as in we didn’t have enough strands of working lights.  And since we were short on time we decided to postpone that task and go for our tree.

IMG_4473 Since Scott doesn’t get home from work till after it is dark, we are left with weekends to hang lights.  But, the next weekend it snowed… can’t get on the roof when it is snowing.  Weekend after that it rained.  And THEN this past weekend, it snowed.  So, yea, no lights this year.  We do have our inflatable nativity up though. And this year, unlike last year we have 2 ft of snow in our yard… way more magical than lights, right?

Another way we are different this year is that we haven’t done Christmas cards yet.  Yup, three days till Christmas and I have done NOTHING in regards to Christmas cards.  I used to LOVE doing Christmas cards and would start thinking about them before Thanksgiving.  But I’ll be honest.  Last year we got a few cards, ok newsletters, that made me weep.  Literally weep.  I read about all this stuff these moms were doing with their kids, or to be more accurate, I read what these kids my child’s age were doing and realized that I had been doing none of that with my child.  And I felt guilty and defensive and angry and like a failure.  “Merry Christmas,” huh?  Anyway, it made me think… do my newsletters paint some perfect picture that makes someone else feel awful?  And now that I blog regularly and post status updates multi times a day on face book, don’t all the people that want to know about my life know way  more than they care to about my life?  What more can I say?  And so, I haven’t felt like doing Christmas cards.   And for the first few weeks of December it appeared no one else was doing it either.  Didn’t get a card till mid December and I honestly thought, “Maybe no one wants to do cards this year?”  But, no, people really are sending cards.  On December 18th I said to Scott, “Guess I should start thinking about Christmas cards, huh?” 

It is December 21st and I’ve still got nothing.

I am thinking rather than stress out and throw something together out of obligation, I am going to work on something cute for New Years.  It’s my aim to send something out in January… perhaps a collage of photos from the year with a personal handwritten note at the bottom…sound nice?  This way people will know we’re thinking of them, I can pick some favorite pictures highlighting the year and I can do it during a month that has a lot less activity in it.  Hoping I can bring this idea to fruition. 

Lastly, we have a partially decorated tree.

tree with captionsI love, LOVE our tree.  I love the decorations, I love our star on top, love that we cut it down ourselves, love the way the kids bunch up the candy canes when they put them on the tree, and I love the cranberry and popcorn strands on it. 

Make that strand.

Scott and I started stringing cranberries and popcorn in early December… around the 3rd I think.  Hung up the first two strands and were going to get to it the next night.

Hmmm… I am hoping we finish before the fam all comes for Christmas morning.  (in 3 days) I have no excuse except for laziness.

I guess, if you wanna know how this Christmas is different at the circus, I’d say it is a lot more relaxed.  I’ve had a wonderful December.  We’ve gone to parties, we’ve seen the parade of lights in Annapolis, we walked around at midnight madness, we’ve snuggled on the couch and watched movies, we’ve built and decorated a gingerbread house, baked and eaten cookies and played in a record breaking snowfall.  We’ve made many, wonderful memories. 


And the other stuff? 

I’m not sweating the other stuff. 

So, that’s Christmas this year at the circus.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please stop by Megan’s for a chance to take a peek inside some other bloggers homes this Christmas!


  1. christmas cards are about the picture anyway. don't worry about them too much. i always order 50 with the intention of keeping one for our family so that means i only send out 49. those buggers get expensive. but then i always feel bad because there were SOME people who yearly don't get one. sorry!
    i'm glad you are enjoying the season. that's the point anyway, right?

  2. Our Christmas has been very different this year, too. Mostly because of our move....but there is a lot that's not getting done and I'm okay with that. I love the idea of having popcorn and cranberries on the tree. I want to do it every year and never get to it....maybe next year I will.

  3. It really sounds like you've had a fun December! I do think you have an number three stealing all your energy. Good choice, puttinh your energy towards growing that baby and not worrying about Christmas decorations ;)

    I just do the photo card and not a letter. Too much stress trying to sum up the year in a few paragraphs! Now I order online at Costco and pick up the photo cards the next day.

    Having snow at Christmas truly is magical. I remember growing up there was often a possibility that we would, but in the past 10 years since I've been in South Eastern PA, nada. This is the first time I can remember that we'll have a white Christmas (that is, until the rain predicted for Friday washes it all away...)

    Thanks for sharing all the memories you've been making this past month!

  4. Sounds like you are truly enjoying the Christmas season and that is what is truly important. Look forward to sharing some good memories too.

  5. I love love love this post. I love how you've brought simplicity into your lives at a time when everyone tends to make it so hectic and overwhelming. I love that I can just feel your happiness while reading. I love that you are enjoying your family, the weather, and life in general.

    And I, too, have not done cards yet. I think I'm just gonna skip this year. And I've never done a letter. I feel the same way you do about them. Sometimes they just make me feel inadequate.

    (And mine would end up too heavy on sarcasm, I think...)

    Thanks for sharing Christmas!

  6. i t sounds like you can enjoy this Christmas The less stress the better i sat back this year also WE think of you all


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