Déjà Vu


As I snapped pictures of my happy crew busy at work decorating our tree this year, I kept getting the feeling that I had snapped similar pictures not too long ago.

My son still loves to help Daddy put the lights on the tree, much like he did when he was a mere toddler.


Do you need some help Dad

And this photo of my youngest admiring the beauty of the lights reminded me of one I captured of her big sister just two Decembers ago.


the wonder of the lights

Isn’t it funny that my middle child hung candy canes with great intensity at the exact same spot of the tree as she did last year?



I just love how some things stay the same year after year.  And I look forward to having one more memory maker in our circus crew next Christmas!


  1. this is too funny and too cute! can't wait to see the tree!

  2. Making very special memories and traditions:-) Can't wait to see all that they are busy working on. As usual - I love the pictures!!!!

  3. How in the world do you stay so organized with all of your pictures to find them like that! I really would like to know your system. Amazing!

  4. Andrea,
    We use a program called Windows Live Photo Gallery. I love it. When I download pics, it automatically puts them into folders by date. I can then serve for photos by year, by month within that year, and then dates. I can also tag photos, tag people in photos, and even add a name to the folders. For example, I have labeled the folder 11-06-09 as Pilgrim Indian Field Trip. So next year when I am looking for pics from the field trip, I can say, "oh yea it was in Nov, but which date, and then see the label and remember" But I could also search for pics by name of person in the pic (if I tagged the people in them) or search for all Christmas tree pics, If I had labeled them as such.

  5. That is so amazing! How fun to look back at them over the years and see the similarities of their actions (and at the same time, how much they've grown)!


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