Looking At it From Their Perspective


Last week we were at my parents house and my son came into the kitchen quite exasperated from going to the bathroom.

“Mom,” he complained, “can you puh-leeze tell the girls to put the seat up when they are done going potty?  They keep leaving it down!”

I had to laugh.  Women have complained for years about men leaving the seat up, but never, never have I heard a complaint about us leaving it down.

Guess it’s all in how you look at things. 


  1. josh would be proud! he has always thought it wasn't fair that he is expected to put the seat down when we aren't expected to leave it up. sheesh!

  2. I just love that kid. He's so funny. And so stinking cute.

  3. Ha! He must feel terribly wronged...

    ...but sorry kiddo. I have to side with the girls on this one! ;)

  4. My son complains about the seat being down as well. Unfortunately for ME, he does not take the time to lift it up... so I am the one with the wet bottom!


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