And Since There’s No Place to Go…


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Growing up and living in the midAtlantic region means that snow is something we are familiar with, but we don’t encounter on a regular basis.  It’s not like we’re living in Houston and a dusting of snow occurs once a decade.  But, it also isn’t unreasonable that I don’t go out and purchase snow suits for my kids every winter either. 

We can typically anticipate seeing snowfall at least once a year.  It may be an inch or a dusting, but at least the kids all know what the white stuff is.  More often than not we get ice. 

Growing up Scott and I can recall watching the news and listening to forecasts hoping and praying for a snow storm, while most of the time the storm would seem to hit all around our surrounding area and leave us with rain.

But, every now and then, when everything lines up perfectly, we’ll get dumped with a good snow storm.  Last time it happened was in Feb of 2003.  Scott and I were flying to Ca to visit his sick Grandpa while the Baltimore Metropolitan Area was getting covered in a foot of snow.  I remember being so bummed that we were missing out on all the excitement. 

This time however, we are present for all the excitement.

And exciting it is!

IMG_4283We had planned to take the kids to Hersheypark today to enjoy the Christmas Candyland.  But instead, God blessed us with a winter wonderland, right here in our own back yard. 

The snow started last night around 10pm and it hasn’t stopped yet! The weather men are saying we could see 15-20 inches of snow here.  It is a record breaking snowfall for December in our area.  And 6 days before Christmas, it’s like a winter wonderland.  I really can’t think of anything more magical.  I fell asleep with the blinds open watching the flakes fall peacefully from the sky and woke to sounds of delight from my three children as they looked out their windows. 

After a filling breakfast of Daddy Omelet's, we donned our winter gear and headed out to enjoy the white stuff.  


My youngest enjoyed it the least.  She found it fun for awhile, but once her hands soaked through the wool gloves she was ready to come inside and bake cookies with mommy. 


My middle child doesn’t enjoy being cold and typically bails out first on winter weather activities.   Today however, she held in there pretty well. 


My son would have gladly turned into a snow man.  He was the first to get dressed, dressing in at least 5 shirts and two pants.  Despite the fact that he didn’t have any snow pants, he was out playing in the backyard before the girls were even dressed and never complained once about being cold.  IMG_4240


He truly loved playing in the snow and I am confident is going to be enjoying himself quite a bit over the next few days. 

I am so thankful for this winter wonderland God gave for us to play in.  I am thankful it fell on Saturday and we had no place we had to be.  I am thankful for unplanned weekend at home with which to play, bake, and enjoy time together as a family.   I am also thankful for a warm place to come inside.  We can go outside and play for a little bit and then come inside, put our clothes in the dryer, change into something dry and warm, sip hot chocolate and watch the rest of the storm from our windows.  As we sit down at the table to enjoy yummy treats, I can’t help but think of those who have no place to go and get respite from the storm.  For those who see today as a test of survival, rather than a day of play.


This weekend my thoughts are all on snow.  The fun and joy it brings and the reminder of my great fortune as well.

What are you thinking about this snowy Saturday?

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  1. Wow!! That is gorgeous! As I was looking at your pictures, I was looking out the window at the sun! LOL

    My kids would LOVE to play in snow like that!

  2. So very jealous!!! Makes me want to move in a heartbeat just to hear those squeals in the morning when the kids see "real" snow and not our TX sleet! :(

  3. Ahhh, this snowstorm recalls many fond blizzard memories! I'm glad your kids were able to get outside to enjoy it! :)

  4. Have to love those Nor-Easters!!! Truly great pictures. Such perfect timing also. Enjoy - I am sure it isn't going away soon.

  5. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  6. that's so awesome! i would love a "warm" snow like that. yesterday, my father-in-law took the wine out to chill for the christmas meal (which i had none of, nor will i probably ever pregnant or not) and he had to stomp his a hole in the snow that was glazed with ice. it looks like you had a blast! i hope you got to have a blast, too! merry christmas!


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