A Weekend of Celebrating


What a full and festive weekend we had here at the circus!  Friday night Scott and I got all dressed up for a fun and fancy Christmas party!  We got to enjoy tasty appetizers, holiday drinks, and the opportunity to sit and chat with old friends.  A super way to start the weekend.  (Though the baby did not like the cheese dip I ate too much of and I paid for that with an upset stomach later that night). 

Saturday we went to my in-laws to watch the Army/Navy game.  My FIL is a Naval Academy grad and my brother in law is serving in the Army in Iraq.   We route for Navy out of our devotion to Pop, but totally understand why baby Eli cheers for Army to support his Daddy.   Then Pop, Aunt Karen, and baby Eli joined us in downtown Annapolis to watch the boat light parade and fireworks display.  A good time was had by all, though my youngest does not like the fireworks.  The noise scares her and she has found the best way to deal with this is to bury her head in our arms and not look.  Somehow not looking at them makes it all better. 

army navy light day

Sunday was a much needed low key day.  We had church in the morning and a very leisurely Sunday afternoon.  Naps, followed by a Christmas cartoon, followed by decorating our gingerbread house.    After the kids went to bed, Scott and I topped off the relaxing day with a quiet dinner of grilled steaks and watching The Nativity story. 

A perfect weekend from start to finish!


  1. Eli and i loved being a part of your weekend. thanks for including us! and in your fun collage! can't wait until tomorrow!

  2. My dad graduated from the Naval Academy, and my mother was an army nurse...it's a good thing my family was never really into football! :-) When I was little, the only way I could watch fireworks was if my mother held her hands over my ears. I hated the noise, too!

  3. Sounds like a very busy one - but very festive :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

  4. Steak, cheese dip, and fireworks all in one weekend?! Sounds perfect to me too! Christmas time in Annapolis looks like fun!


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