Procrastinate Much?


Only 2 days till Christmas and my to do list today looks like this.

  1. Clean bathroom- scrub toilet, scrub sink, scrub tub and tile (I write each individually so I can feel more satisfaction when I am done by crossing off 4 things instead of one)
  2. Clean guestroom-  My parents always say, don’t worry or stress about cleaning up for them.  And I appreciate the fact that I can keep things real and not stress out, but… I think I need to clear off a place for them to sleep, don’t you? IMG_4536
  3. Take kids to see Santa (not usually on my to do list as they see him at Scott’s Family work party but this year when they snapped the pic at the party my son wasn’t ready and after we got home he came out that night in tears asking if we could go again b/c he wasn’t ready for the picture) I of course told him I’d take him to the mall before Christmas so he could see Santa again… and here we are on the 23rd and I still need to make good on that promise. IMG_4540
  4. Finish shopping for extended family
  5. Take kids shopping for each other
  6. Decorate cookies we baked last nightIMG_4501
  7. Finish stringing cranberry and popcorn on tree
  8. wrap presents (this may get moved to tomorrow as Scott and I typically wrap gifts after church on Christmas Eve while watching It’s a Wonderful Life… sometimes I think we’ll be on top of things and do it early, don’t think 2009 will be that year)
  9. buy a few grocery items for Christmas brunch and dinner


The time is now 1:39 and I can cross off item number 3.



The kids are fed and down for nap/quiet time and I ate my lunch… I’d say it’s time to get off of the computer and see what else I can cross off before Scott gets home from work this afternoon!

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.” Napoleon Hill


  1. I am right there with you which is why I am reading this and NOT putting away the laundry or scrubbing my bathroom or... well you get the idea. praying we get much done!

  2. That picture of the kids with Santa at the mall had to be so worth the's so stinking cute! They all are smiling and just look absolutely angelic!

    Sorry I am not commenting as often as I would like...I read...however usually while nursing Katie and the one finger typing and I do not get along. Right now I'm holding her head up with my knee....I'm sure she' real happy about that!

    My to do list seems just as long and along the same lines as yours. I'm such a procrastinator too!

    In case I don't see you "virtually" until after...Have a truly blessed and wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your family as you celebrate the birth of Christ together!



  3. i like your style. i can procrastinate with the best of them. i'm impressed you didn't just go with the first Santa pic since you didn't have lots of extra time. but SO WORTH IT! they look so happy in their Christmas attire! can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

  4. Oh I love your lines I need that on my wall I love to see the kids all dressed up for Christmas pictures It will be worth it in years to come.


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