A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That


Few random thoughts to share with you, my dear readers… consider it some random musings or a brain dump, or catching up with an old friend you haven’t visited with for awhile, none the less, here’s my bulleted list of things which don’t quite make for a post on their own….

*I recently made the wonderful discovery of sharp Monterey Jack cheese.  I’ve seen it mixed with cheddar in bags at the store, and knew you could put it in tacos or what not.  But I accidentally bought a huge back of Monterey Jack thinking it was mozzarella.  I used it in pepperoni bread and home made pizza.


Seriously, where have you been all my life Monterey Jack? 

Can I just say, best pizza ever?? 

I think I may never use mozzarella again. 

* Cravings… been having lots of them lately… as in grilled cheese and relish sandwiches every day last week… and I polished off a big ol bag of Utz Honey Barbeque Potato Chips last week as well.  I never, ever, buy potato chips…sure I might eat a handful at a party, but I am more of a chocolate chip cookie kind of girl, not a chip girl.  Except for Doritos… every now and then I’ll get a hankering for Doritos… but never, chips.  These chips were DECLIOUS and totally hit the spot.  I’m already craving a second bag.

*Speaking of pregnancy…I’m officially in maternity clothes now.  Couldn’t walk around anymore with my pants unbuttoned… had to go for the elastic band. 

*Confession:  Those cheesy, sappy, kiss begins with Kay commercials, get me every time.  Scott will roll his eyes and begin to say, “oh please,” and turn to see me with my hand literally over my heart saying, “awh.”  I know, I am corn ball.  But the one where the couple walks around retracing all the spots in their relationship… first kiss…first date…and the “spot where I said, “Yes.” uh….Can I just blame it on the hormones, please?

*Still reveling in the sheer brilliance of my man… every day last week the kids greeted Scott when he came home with, “Dad, guess what veggie we’re having for dinner? We actually had 2 veggies for dinner on more than one night and served broccoli with our pizza on Friday. 

*Aunt Karen and baby Eli, arrived in town this weekend… we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them local for a big chunk of time.


  1. I am going to blame your hormones for your love of those sappy jewelry store commercials as well...because I can't bear to think that you actually might think they're cute. Cause they're ridiculous. I'm rolling my eyes with Scott on that one!

    However, Monterey Jack? Oh, I'm a big big fan. Colby Jack has a special place in my heart as well. And why didn't I read this post BEFORE I went grocery shopping so I could buy stuff for pepperoni bread??? Oh yum.

    I also love a good bag of potato chips. Sure do. I'm a Troyer Farms thin cut girl.

    And I too am excited that Karen made it to Annapolis for some good quality family time and feel so darn privileged and excited to get to see the two of you soon!! Can't wait to see you in those maternity clothes!

  2. Here's to graduating to maternity clothes! That and an ultrasound surely make it a reality as does that first tickling wiggle inside : ) I keep forgetting to ask you how you're feeling when I see you--I think it's because you look so "you" that it slips my mind you're pregnant! Please thank Scott for shoveling yesterday at church--he must have been out in the cold for a while to get those sidewalks clean. And I told Mike about the veggie strategy as we're taking notes for the future.

  3. Crystal, that reminds me...can i have your pepperoni bread recipe?? I bought a block of Monterey Jack cheese and found it yummy on crackers with pepperoni. I have been hesitant to try it on pizza, but I think that's next :)

  4. I can't believe the veggie trick is still working! That is impressive!


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