Snow, What Fun!!

Nothing like a good 18+ inches of snow to provide for some family fun and a few photo opps as well. IMG_4303  The kids had even more fun on day two than they did on day one.  I think it was warmer out, which helped the girls significantly.  And even after my 3 year old turned on the outside spicket and sprayed herself with water (oh, yes, she did) she still stayed and played till the bitter end.  I am now convinced those snow pants are a valuable commodity for snow play. The neighbor kids were out as well and in addition to shoveling out the driveway and cars, they also made sledding ramps and igloos.  We attempted a snowman, but the snow really wasn’t packing snow, so it wasn’t quite as glamorous as we had hoped for.   Still a good time was had by all. 




I know I posted this picture yesterday, but Scott pointed out that it would look better cropped… man, was he right… this one is def one that I will printing off and hanging on the wall.


She did not want to leave this igloo, she just kept sitting in there and smiling from ear to ear.  She LOVED it!


What is it about snowstorms that bring about this overwhelming desire to bake?  We’d had cookies, cinnamon rolls, home made pizza…I am pretty sure this snowstorm will bring an added 5 lbs to us all and it well take much longer for it to melt off than the snow will!!


This weekend was a delight from start to finish and I am so grateful for the precious memories made and the time enjoyed with my family.


  1. Looks like a really great time - and even better pictures! What a super Cool igloo! I used to bake when we were snowed in - made it all seem worthwhile..

  2. there is plenty of evidence that fun was had by all, LOTS of FUN !!!

  3. such Fun! I am so glad you guys have a place to go sledding.

  4. SOOO cute!! And you're right about the baking and eating - when I saw the pictures, I thought, 'Oh I hope they had hot chocolate after that!' I remember the days when my kids were little like that and snow gear would be hanging from the shower rods, mittens over the heat vents, snowsuits in the dryer, you name it. Oh, but the FUN they had!!! GREAT pics ~ ♥

  5. I'm so glad to hear someone besides us had fun this weekend! All I've heard is grumpy, complaining people about what they couldn't do. I think they missed a golden opportunity to slow down and enjoy their families during a usually hectic and stressful time. I recommend we have a blizzard every weekend before Christmas! Haha. Thanks for sharing your pictures! They're absolutely adorable as usual.

  6. Wow! What a fun day for them. They looks so happy in the snow. And what a way to end the day...with homemade pizza!


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