Christmas Memories


christmas 09 collage

We have had a wonderful couple of days here at the circus celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  We decided to spread the celebrating out over several days rather than cram it all into one day.  On Christmas Eve we went to the Children’s service at our church at 4:30.  Then we went to Boston Market for our now traditional Christmas Eve dinner before heading back to church for the candlelight service at 6:30.  We then went home to change into our Christmas pj’s, read Luke 2, put up our advent calendar piece, and leave cookies and milk for Santa.  Christmas morning we had both sets of grandparents here, Great Grandpa, Aunt Karen and baby Eli.  The kids were up a little after 7 and the revelry began shortly after.  We took our time opening presents and enjoying our time together.  We then had a pot luck brunch followed by more playtime.  On the 26th the gang all came back for a more formal Christmas dinner followed by birthday cake and ice cream for baby Jesus and some game playing with Aunt Karen’s Wii. I really appreciated getting to spread the celebration out over several days rather than try to rush it and cram it all in on one day.  I am also so thankful for our extended family.  It’s now Sunday night and I am looking forward to having Scott home for the entire week.  We hope to enjoy some great family time as well as tackle some projects around the house. 

Hope you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! So cool that Scott will be home all week! Enjoy your time with him and hope you get done everything you want to!

  2. lovely Christmas! We spread it out as well... celebrating Christmas with my in-laws next Sunday on the feast of the Epiphany and the tree stays up until Sunday the 10th!

  3. looks and sounds like a lot of fun I'm glad you had a great time

  4. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. I loved reading about your Christmas. Even more than that, I love keeping up with your family all year round! SO thankful for you!


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