Trying to Bottle It Up and Save it For Later


These days pass quickly as I’ve been warned and I stink at keeping a journal, so lately I’ve been quickly opening up my e-mail and trying to jot down the things the kids do and say that I want to remember and then saving it in my drafts folder.  Here are some recent memories recorded so I don’t forget…


Scott: What is wrong?
son: My guitar.  I was playing the guitar and she pulled my pretend guitar plug.
Scott to daughter: Why did you pull the pretend guitar plug?
Daughter: because the song was over.
Son: Awwwwwwaaaahhhhhh   It was not over.  I never want to play with you again.


Whenever our youngest gets hurt, she comes up to me and asks for “ice” and then no matter where she hurts, she sticks it on her head.  This night she came up me crying with a scratch on her face and asked for ice.  As normal, she stuck it on the top of her head for a few minutes, stopped crying, said “all done” and handed it back to me. 



I was going over the catechism questions with the kids a few weeks ago and was surprised by how many my daughter has picked up just by listening to me review with her brother.  Though she knows the real answer, she surprised me with her response to the first question.

Me:  Who made you?

Daughter:  God


Daughter:  Weeeeelllll, and you and Daddy helped


When Daddy was away on a business trip my son was talking to me and said “Mom, you’ve had a bad day.”  I asked him why and he said, “because your best friend who you love to eat dinner with is not here and won’t be home for dinner.”


It’s almost a new S.S. quarter at our church.  I was talking about this with my son, preparing him for the fact that he will have a new teacher soon.  He told me his teacher had told him that.  I asked who it will be.  “Miss Dana, “ he said. I told him I knew her and she was really nice and I thought he would like her.  He responded, “Yea, and I heard she really likes kids.”  This made me laugh out loud.  Pity the class that gets the Sunday School teacher who doesn’t like kids.


“If You’re Going to Play in Texas” came on one day and my son asked why his cousin (who lives in Texas) had to have a “fiddle in the band” in order to play.  Every time it comes on my daughter loves to stand up and yell “cottineyejo”



After a week of fighting the stomach bug at our house I found the kids playing with my daughter’s doll, “Emma.”  Emma is sick they informed me and they needed a bowl.  My son told me he is Emma’s daddy and he held her on his lap while my daughter would hold the bowl for her as my son made the gagging sounds.  Then my daughter would rush to the bathroom to rinse out the bowl and bring it back to her.   (Yes, it was one of those weeks at our house).


  1. That last anecdote is HILARIOUS!!!!! Poor seems that no one in your house was spared!

  2. I laughed so hard about the “cottineyejo” that is awesome.


    Emma and the bowl.... that's amazing!!!

  4. I loved the "If you're gonna play in Texas" one...that is HILARIOUS! That's interesting that your son is so aware of song lyrics. My daughter did something really similar the other day when we were listening to a song in the car. I was actually just posting a blog about it!
    I laughed at your comment on my blog. You pray for novel/movie characters? That is so sweet and endearing! You must be a real sweetie at heart!

  5. poor Emma. and poor cousin! who knew living in TX would require so many gadgets. i supposed i need to go get a fiddle, now.

  6. What would we do if we didn't have children for our entertainment? I know I would be spending a lot more money on funny movies and going out to eat alot, maybe lots of shopping... I like having kids BETTER though.... =)

  7. Well, if I wasn't itching to meet the circus crew before, I am now! They are a riot! I loved the cottineyejoe part too and the baby Emma barfing story...I have a feeling that will be happening at The Happy Heart house all too soon! Noah has the barfing noise down pat!

    Cute, cute, cute! Oh, and your youngest with the ice adorable!

    I just repeat the same words over and over here...cute, adorable, stinking cute, more cute, adorable...oh, my...I need new words to describe the level of circus cuteness!

  8. Thanks for sharing Crystal. I love the first one sounds like my house :) The last one was hilarious! I love little minds the things they think of are priceless!

  9. Love the "barf bucket"! I got my cd today! YAY for us...Thanks so much.

  10. I love the "you're best friend is missing" quote...

    The one about how you and daddy helped make your daughter....made me smile.

    All great quotes and memories to preserve.

  11. Just love those quotes - you make me smile and laugh. Such cuties M

  12. This post CRACKED.ME.UP!!! And that last photo of Emma puking her guts out??? Seriously, this couldn't get any funnier!

  13. So do you have any tips on doing catechism? I am such a flop on this. I have great intentions's just not happening.


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