The Missing Samaritan

God Bless Sunday School teachers…especially the teachers of those dear two and three year olds.  How they keep those squiggling, squirming little bodies still on those carpet squares to hear the whole lesson is beyond me.

Perhaps, it’s occasionally beyond them too.  Seems they don’t always get quite the whole lesson.

At lunch today I was asking my three year old what she learned about in Sunday School.  I was so excited to get an answer beyond the typical, “God” or “Jesus”.

Daughter: “We learned about a man who was stuck on the side of the road and he was hurt and dirty.  And the bad men just passed him by and didn’t help him.”

Mom:“Hmm…that wasn’t very nice was it?  Did anyone help him?”

Daughter: “No.”

Mom: “Wait…are you sure?  No one helped him?”

Daughter: “No one helped him.”

My husband chimed in to try to draw out the rest of the story, so he asked, "so, is the hurt man still on the side of the road right now?"

Daughter: "yep"

Dad: “Oh...why do you think your Sunday school teachers taught you this story today?”

Daughter: “I don’t know.”

I think we will alter our bedtime routine this week so we can spend some time focusing on  Luke 10, our sweet little girl seems to have missed a key component of the lesson.


  1. Yes, you better finish the story for her! Kind of scary isn't it? Good that you all ask them about it.

  2. I wonder a lot of the time if The Girl is actually listening to the stories. We frequently get these half understood stories. My favorite was when she was really concerned because Jesus was supposed to be nice but he took away a little boys lunch and gave it all to a bunch of other people.

  3. I know, sometimes it just doesn't make sense to them! I love the new design, BTW, it looks great!

  4. i love that girl. she has such confidence: "No one helped him." she is growing up to be such fun. (only a few more days!)

  5. How precious! It is so interesting to see the tidbits that little ones latch onto. She is so blessed to have parents who talk to her about what she has learned at Sunday School and will teach her throughout the week too! I'm sure she'll "get it" by the end of the week. :)

  6. LOL That little precious child makes me laugh so much. Good luck with the most important part of the lesson. But, she was concerned for the poor man - as usual. She has such a caring heart.

  7. I just love that you guys take the time to really go over what she learned. What a sweet child.

  8. That is so funny! A good one for Reader's Digest!

  9. too cute and funny! my personal favorite is when we get, "can't tell you. it's a secret!" great....

  10. I teach 3 yo-Kinder at my church, and every week I review what we went over the week before. I even show pictures from the previous week to jog their memory and I never get the correct story. One child will start with something, then another chimes in. My favorite is Adam and Eve. One said that God made the animals because Adam was tired of Eve, then another said he got to pick their names but calls them all the same b/c he forgot what he named them.


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