Baby, I’m Yours!


5 years ago if you had told me that I would care, I mean really care, about a little stuffed animal blankey, I would have laughed. 

Shortly before I stopped teaching my third graders threw me a “surprise” baby shower.  One of my students gave me a blankey/stuffed animal all in one.  You know those things that have an animal head on one end, blankey in the middle and feet and buttom on the other end? 

My husband so nicely referred to it as looking like “road kill” with it’s flattened middle.

precious lamb Anyways, this little lamb turned out to be my son’s lovey.  As in “return to the church and search through the nursery when you realize it was left behind…” “can’t fall asleep without it…” kind of lovey. 



When I was preggo with my daughter he was just under two and he named his little blankey, “baby”.  Not sure if it was because I was always talking about my baby or what.   But 3 years later the name has stuck. 

And each of our children has a “baby” of their own which they sleep with and snuggle with when they don’t feel good.  

Two weeks ago my son’s baby went M.I.A.

At first I wasn’t too worried about it, thinking surely “she” would turn up somewhere.  And now that he is bigger, he can go to sleep without her so it wasn’t the urgent emergency it would have been a few years ago.

Still, we wanted to find her.

After stripping his bed and washing his sheets (thanks to the great germs floating around the circus these days) and rearranging his bedroom, and searching EVERY WHERE, and then looking again, and then swallowing my pride and allowing our guests to search my house (read see those corners you typically try to hide from company) and two weeks of searching, still no baby.

My son (and I) began to get afraid baby would never turn up. 

look at that sunriseI know he is almost grown out of baby.  That was evidenced by the fact that he was able to go to sleep for two weeks without her and without tears.

But, still he missed her, and so did  I.  I have sweet memories of my little man snuggled up with baby. She’s been on every vacation.  Through every sickness.  Helped him when he had to wean off of the pacifier.  She comforted him when he was scared in the church nursery.

She was the symbol of his baby and toddler days that I planned to hold onto as a keepsake through the years.  You know that one little lovey that you saved in a box to pull out years later and look at with nostalgia?

And she was gone.

And even if I could go to the store and by one that looked exactly the same, it wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t be the one that had been with us through the good times and bad.

So, you can imagine my his joy and relief when Grandma found her behind our entertainment center on Saturday. 

She’s back, and we all couldn’t be happier.



  1. Thank You, Grandma !
    Love Nana

  2. This made pregnant girl all weepy. sniff, sniff.

    Such adorable pictures. Glad he has his lovey back. What a sweet little boy he is!

  3. I can totally relate. Even though my oldest son is almost 16, Mr. Bunny sits proudly on a shelf in his room (albeit a little torn and mended in many places). Good memories. So glad you found Baby! Your son looks so happy to have him back!

  4. HOORAY!!!

    So glad you found "her"!

    A few months ago, I started writing about Max's experience like this. But, every time I sit to finish it, I get all weepy. And, I have no idea why. Sigh.

    Glad your little guy has been reunited with his "lovey".

  5. Wow, Baby is in good condition for being loved for so long!

  6. Baby is a very important member of the family...she even attends weddings! :)

    I think your son is starting to look a little bit more like you as he gets older - at least in this photo...

  7. I'm so glad you found her...Yay!!! I bet you were so relieved!

    My girls and Will all have similar lovies. I'm going to be very sad when they grow out of them. I think Will is even more attached to his than the girls were at his age. If it's missing before bed, when I find it, Will gets a huge smile on his face and just laughs! It's very cute.

  8. YEAH BABY! (as Austin Powers would say)
    It's so important to them, isn't it? They must get that feeling in their little gut like we do when we lose our purse.
    Pebbles had a little cow she loved when she was under 1 and now she has a fluffy dog she drags around. I'm always nervous when I can't find it! Cute post.

  9. Yay!!! Each of my children have an animal that they sleep with and MUST have - we'd be devastated if anything happened to Beary, Peter or BunnyBear! LOL!!

    To answer your questions on my blog, I am doing a Lenten activity book I downloaded free from currclick, a homeschool curriculum resources website - they have weekly emails, each featuring a free product download. I'm following their suggestion as to how to complete the activities - I don't think I could do all our projects that way - but i have thought about writing down on slips of paper, some fun once-every-now-and-then activities that they could pull out of a jar when they are "bored."

    We use the Weaver curriculum and our first experience with it was their Interlock - LOVED IT and I hope to be starting it with my daughter soon. I'm working through my second year in their Vol 1 with my son - kdg and now 1st grade. I am more concerned about phonics and math (which aren't included in the Weaver) so I use weaver as it fits in. I love it because it is totally Bible based.

    Sorry for hogging up your comment section - I included my email with my comment info above, so feel free to email me!!

    Leigh Ann

  10. I have a similar, yet not sentimental situation with a missing sports bra. Can't find it, can't imagine why the washing machine or anything else would want it, but nonetheless it's missing. One day we will be reunited again! :) hehe

  11. Yeah! We are still at the point that Kitty CAN'T go missing. The Husband has taken to putting Kitty up on a high shelf when he gets home from work so she can not be lost before bed time.

  12. My daughter also has a "baby" which she also cleverly named "baby". lol! It's the same sort of thing...a bunny head with a little blankie. I'm glad you found baby!

  13. I am so glad you found her! Great post thanks for sharing something so sentimental. Thanks for linking to show off you blog saturday. Hope to see you this week too!


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