Like a Fool


I’m always looking for something to spice things up here at the circus.  And this year I think the kids are old enough to really enjoy some pranks tomorrow for April Fools.  

I was delighted to open my recent addition of Family Fun magazine and find some fun little pranks to pull on the little ones.  All sweet innocent fun!

So, tomorrow we’ll be having some arctic cereal. ( The night before April Fools' day, pour milk over half a bowl of cereal and put it in the freezer. In the morning, add a covering of more cereal and milk. Call your child to breakfast and watch him try to eat it.)

And for dinner we’ll be having cupcakes…or so they think.

I MAY through in some dirt for dessert, depending on how the day pans out.  They’ve had it before, but love it and it seems like a fun finish to a silly day. 

What about you?  Got any fun pranks up your sleeves for tomorrow?  Click here, if your looking for some more inspiration!


  1. That is just too much fun!!!! Maybe Keith and I can come up with come good ones next year...I'm not sure that mine are quite ready for that yet.

  2. Man, I'm coming to live at the Circus. You guys know how to have fun. The oldest tween was just talking about replacing the sugar bowl with salt for April Fool's Day and switching her step-dad's favorite cereal with another...I bursted her bubble when I told her the sugar bowl thing was the oldest April Fool's Day prank in the book.

    Can't wait to see how your little antics go over!

  3. I am going of remove all the gear off my hubby's wow characters, he will think his account was hacked but in the long run no hard done :-)

  4. That sounds like fun - I'll be interested to hear your kids' reactions!

  5. I just might have to try the cereal one! The cupcake one may have them in tears when they realize it's not a cupcake - so you'll just have to let me know how it goes on your end!

  6. I love the new site!
    I may do the cereal, but I have a whole menu planned for the evening! I love April Fool's day!

  7. Great ideas for the kiddos!

    I don't have anything planned yet and I will be saying "okay, yeah right and whatever you say" to Fred all day long. He's such a prankster anyway!

  8. um, wait. so the cupcakes are really meatloaf? that's not a joke. that's just plain mean! but they'll love it.

    i used to put a rubber band around the sink squirter-hose-thingy so that when you turned on the faucet, it sprayed right at you. i did always love that one.

  9. Stella |8-[
    I thought that was you!!

  10. Well I made the cupcakes as well but they don't look nearly as pretty as my cupcakes usually do so I made some banana bread as well to be a little more convincing and make up for my switch :-).

  11. Hope it all turns out well - the circus wouldn't be complete without celebrating another special day.
    BTW - when I was going to surgery today on April Fool's Day, I was very nervous to hear them playing jokes on the Doctors and Anesthesia Dept. NOT FUNNY for the patients. At least the joke was over before going to the OR.

  12. HAHAH! That's fun! My daughter is a little young for me to pull a prank, I think. But, maybe next year!


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