Do You Believe in Magic?


I seriously wonder what moms did before the internet.  Where did you go when you were looking for that cookie recipe you can’t find in your recipe box, or to check for tips on how to bring your child’s fever down, or to seek help tips for crayon removal?

A few weeks ago when I discovered this


after my daughter’s naptime, I left a face book status that I was wondering how to get marker off of a baby doll face and within the hour I had 15 helpful tips.

But, it turned out this lovely mess was crayon and not marker.  (when I asked her why she wrote on her doll with crayon her response was, “Because the crayon was there.”  Niiiice!)

Have no fear, google is here!

Turns out you can get crayon off of plastic by using baby oil.

Check out the results.


A few weeks later I found this little note on the wall when I was preparing the guest room for company.  I would have assumed it was my daughter again, because I KNOW my son knows better than to write on the wall. 

Thankfully, he preserved his sister from being falsely accused by leaving his name in our baseboard next to this message.  I thought it looked like a cry for help.  As in “(insert son’s name here) hello please help”


However, during my great inquisition I learned that he actually wrote his name (not featured here) followed by bed.

Clearly, we need to work on both obedience and spelling here at the circus.

So, a quick note in face book and I learned that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does the trick for crayon on wall.  And indeed it did!


Google and Face book work for me when looking for some handy hints for the creations my children leave for me.  Also, Magic Eraser and Baby Oil are new staples here at the circus.

For more helpful tips, visit THAT family for Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Good to know about the magic eraser...we're not in the crayon-on-the-walls-phase yet (thank goodness), but now I'll be prepared!

  2. I totally echo your thoughts on what women did before the internet? Heck, the companionship and outlet the internet gives moms these days alone is such a valued thing our own mothers and grandmothers certainly didn't have. How did they manage????

    And, I didn't know about using baby oil to get crayon off of plastic, but I'm left to wonder if the Magic Eraser would have helped with that also? Maybe not as I've never tried it.


  3. The Magic Eraser has definitely save me with my crazy toddler who loves to sneak his big brother and sister's crayons and wildly color on anything in sight! He hasn't made it to the dolls yet with his crayon madness, but I'm sure that day will come so I'm going to remember the baby oil trick!

  4. I know what you mean about the internet!

    We LOVE magic erasers. I'll have to give the oil trick a try!

  5. just something to add to your files.... baby wipes get dry erase marker off of faces ;)

  6. So add to the list of cleaning trick I have learned that Placing hot iron and a cleaning cloth on the offending mark gets crayon out of wood grain and off of brick and grout. Any clue what to do about maker on brick though?.. (I'd like it gone before The Husband finds it.)

  7. Love, love, love Magic Eraser!! I'll have to remember the baby oil, too. I would be lost without google and facebook, too!

  8. I love Magic Eraser!!! I always keep them on hand! The Magic Eraser also works wonders on cleaning tub & shower! Spray soap scum cleaner and let sita few minutes then use the magic eraser to wash the grime away. Sooooo Easy! Try it sometime.
    Thanks for the baby oil tip!

  9. Aww....if I had a nickel for everytime I have had to use the Magic Eraser for crayon on the wall...well...I would have alot of nickels!! I have learned that it does not work on textured walls, unfortunately!


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