Plant a Seed…or two!

I am so excited to share some news with you all. After my post on Friday about how much I loved the Seeds Family worship CDs, Michelle from Seeds contacted me.  She’s offering all of my readers a 20% discount off of any of their CD’s.  I have my very first discount code!  How cool is that?!

Simply enter the code CIRCUSREADERS09 when purchasing a CD from their site.  I plan to buy some more myself!


  1. YAY!!! Thanks Crystal & Michele! Doing it today. :)

  2. You know you've hit it big time when you've got a discount code!!!! Congrats! I will take a look at them myself. As for the "They Are Always Listening Post" I thought I hadn't really entered that season of life yet because Noah doesn't talk well so he can't convey much to us. However, what I fail to realize is that despite the fact that he can't verbally communicate with us well, he still hears well and understands way more than we often give him credit for. Your post was a great reminder on shielding him from hearing things little ears shouldn't hear! Thank you.

    And, as for myself, well...I will also try to do better in this area also. You are right, we should listen to things that bring us closer to God and not things that distract us from Him.

    Good post(s).

  3. ok, so just when i thought you'd reached the pinnacle of cool, you get a discount code!!!? i am so lucky to know you....

  4. awesome!! thanks, crystal! i was planning to purchase some for the girls' upcoming birthdays and easter baskets. now i will be sure to!

  5. Congratulations!! How cool :-)
    Will have to check it out for future gifts:-)
    Not only are you being listened to - - - you are being read! LOL

  6. That's AWESOME, Crystal. I read your post, but I'll have to go check it out further! Good for you for getting noticed!

  7. I did a post a LONG time ago asking for kids music suggestions. A friend from church suggested these, and they are OUR FAVORITE cds. Not at all annoying, and I love that the songs are pure Scripture. Patrick and I even commented about how WE were memorizing Scripture from listening to them.


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