Snowed Out!


Well, we got our snow.  About 7 inches of it in fact. 

Waited till the night of March 1st to arrive, but hey at least we finally got our real snow fall, right?  Scott said perhaps my “snowman” day was the necessary prerequisite for the snowfall. 

But, with all this beautiful, white, fluffy stuff, we also got…

a power outage

Nice, huh? 

At around 1:30 am I was giving my daughter a nebulizer treatment for her asthma when the power started flickering.  Scott and I both prayed that the power would stay on through her treatment.  Then I saw a huge light in the sky, much like a lightning bolt (b/c the blinds were up in the kids room I could see outside quite clearly).   Then our power went out and given the light I saw, I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t be on anytime soon.   I laid my daughter down in bed after which she threw up all over her bed (nice timing given the total darkness and the now lack of water (thanks to our well). 

In moments like these, I am so grateful for my husband.  I couldn’t imagine nights like that alone.  We got her cleaned up, calmed down and tucked in. 

Then everyone was back to bed, snug as a bug in a rug, till morning.

We woke to still no power.  We layered up and had some cold cereal for breakfast.  Scott called the power company and the told us we should have power restored by 3:30.  We thought that was a bit long to go without heat and water (especially with the potential for more pukeys) so we called my MIL and the kids and I are camping out at Nana’s today. 

I am happy to report we have been puke free the rest of the day.  (It has been an eventful weekend in that regards, but I will spare you the details). 

We hope to get out and play in the snow this afternoon and take advantage of the opportunity to build a more legitimate snow man this time.  Then, I hope we can go home to our warm house so I can tackle the dishes and laundry that are waiting for me.  Yes, you read that correctly, I am looking forward to dishes and laundry.  More like, I hate the fact that I know both are stacked up and there is nothing I can do about either.  I guess I am truthfully more looking forward to both being done. 

March 2nd… 7 inches of snow…Happy Spring!! 


  1. After the really warm day we had on Friday I had this feeling that we would get a snow like this. Just when everyone had given up on hoping for snow and were looking forward to warmer days and open windows. We will be praying for health, happiness, restored power and productivity.

  2. unreal. i called my mom today when i heard the circus was visiting, but due to some chaos in the background, she said she couldn't talk. ha! way to share the love!

  3. Hope the circus was able to get their hands in some of that snow before it all melts away and I hope whoever was throwing up is throwing up no more. I'm laughing at Stella's comment about "chaos in the background." You guys must truly rival Ringling Bros, huh?

  4. I'm glad you finally got some snow...but the power outage is completely lame! I hope the kids get better soon... :(

  5. Wow! That's a lot. I ordered my cd yesterday!

  6. OH MY WORD. Let it never be said that this motherhood thing is easy. The pukies are the worst.

  7. I am glad you were able to enjoy the snow. We enjoyed it very much. It was too cold to do much playing outside today for the boys. What is going on with the electricity?


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