“Gonna Have To” Leave Alone Bars


Tonight my son had his very first baseball practice and he was as cute as could be and I am dying to share some pix of the occasion, but my brain is complete mush after taking care of my sick girls all day (and it’s clear we still have a very long night ahead of us).  I will save it for later this week when I can give it the time it deserves.

What a day!

I never got my “Can’t Leave Alone Bars” made during nap time today.  And I didn’t get to blog hop all that much either.   My son has been eager to make his own scrapbook with the pictures he’s been taking as well as a few others and he begged to pick them out during nap time.  Sorry folks, but it was way more important.

And my poor middle child had trouble falling asleep because she just kept  coughing.  And wheezing.  And coughing.  And crying (which causes more coughing), all the while still wheezing.  Poor poor girl.

I finally called and made an appointment for her at the pediatrician.

Sick kids + no naps = loud and whiny.  Baking seemed less than desirable.

I then got a call from a dear friend (and regular commenter here at the circus) asking if I would be home this afternoon because she wanted to bring some crafts for the kids to do since they had to miss her daughter’s birthday party on Sat (4th birthday party since Feb 7th we’ve had to miss due to a sick kid).  And then she said, “Since the kids are sick, how about I bring dinner too?”

I was speechless.

I mean, I didn’t even have to go through labor and delivery and someone was bringing me dinner.

All I could say, was, “Thanks!”

So about an hour later she arrived with a bag full of crafts (home made playdough, paint and all sorts of goodies) as well as lasagna and left over birthday cake.

And my kids went from crying and whining to happy and delighted in about 2.5 seconds.

Next thing I know her daughter is in the back yard and my kids are close behind and we got a chance to chat a few minutes on the back deck.

All seemed well, so well that I figured, “Hey if they are running around in the back yard, they must be ok, so I’ll just cancel that dr. appointment.”

Yea, well minutes after she left we got to the crafts (which the oldest two LOVED) but my youngest child’s fever really started to climb.  And as it did, all she wanted was to be held.


So, thankful I didn’t need to make dinner.

Especially since we had baseball practice in there too.

As the evening went on, my poor little girl’s health degenerated again.  She was flushed, clingy, crying and had a fever.

I really regret canceling that Dr. Appt. 

I always struggle with Dr. appointments.

Do we need to take them in or is it just something I can handle with some TLC here at home?  Often I wait it out only to regret it and second guess myself that night.  Other times we go and they say it is nothing and I feel like an idiot for dragging my kids in when they could have just stayed home and cuddled on the couch.

Tonight is the night I sit at home regretting and feeling like a bad mom.  And counting down the hours till the pediatrician's office is opened and she can take a look at both girls.

As soon as bedtime hit, my daughter began her classic asthma cough.  She'll start to fall asleep, then cough, then cry, then get worked up, we'll calm her down, she'll fall asleep, then cough, then, cry, then..

And I am feeling like a schmuck for canceling that appointment.  D- parenting.

Especially when I was on the back deck with the youngest wrapped in blankets trying to ease her croupy cough in the cold night air while my husband is cradling the other daughter in her room as she struggles to fall asleep.

SO THANKFUL my son is a deep sleeper and has missed all the action (Been there, done that.  He was the kind sole that shared this with his sisters).

After the baby was settled in to sleep, I got this great idea to try putting my daughter in the bathroom with a steamy shower going to try to ease her sinuses.   They look kind of swollen and puffy.   And as I thought of that steamy hot shower I realized I hadn't yet had a shower today.  So I tell my husband how I have the best idea ever.  I'll take a hot shower while he holds my daughter and she can let the steam ease her sinuses.

I promise it was not a lame excuse to get in my shower for today. Even though you know I needed one and you also know I won't be getting one tomorrow morning with us calling the Dr. first thing.


Well the steam room seemed to help.  Not sure which helped more, the steamy air or snuggling in Daddy's arms while he sang, "It's not easy being sick" (to the tune of It's not Easy being Green).  I had showered and dressed and they were still in there together so I grabbed the camera.  Can't make out much b/c the steam instantly fogged the lense.

Soooo.... all that to say..... I never got my “Can’t Leave Alone Bars” made and I STILL haven't had much time for blogging... but those of you that visited me this weekend at the UBP, thank you.  Your comments made me smile and I am still planning on making it over to your site this week.  When things settle down.  Because they WILL settle down.  Right??

And, a huge shout out of thanksgiving to my friend from HomeGrownStarawberries and her children for brightening our day here at the circus!


  1. man, what a day you've had! i'm sorry you didn't get your chocolate fix, but i'm WAY more sorry for the sick kids. i'm praying they get a good night's sleep which will make tomorrow seem better. and what doesn't say "i'm loved" like a friend bringing dinner. i like her!

  2. What a sweet sweet friend...she's a keeper, I'd say!

    I truly hope that the Circus crew starts to feel better soon. It is no fun and very hard when everyone is sick. I understand what you mean about the to call or not to call and schedule an apt. with the doctor dilemma...I've traveled down that road many times. You are not and I repeat NOT a D- parent. It's amazing how kids can "bounce back" and then "spiral downward" in the matter of just a few hours time when they are sick.

    Be sure to keep us posted on everyone's status/condition and many prayers are being sent your way!

    Congrats on that shower, btw. Pretty ingenious parenting if I do say so myself!

  3. Have I told you how excited I am about your Blogoversary??!!?!!?

    I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the new circus look! And just knowing that your hubby has been staying up late to work on it makes me go, "AWWWWWW...he's such a good blog husband!"

    Okay, that's all I needed to say.

  4. I thought for a split second we were going to get a steamed up shot of you in the shower! SO glad when I scrolled down it was a shot of you looking OUT of the shower- I think we would have had to have a blog intervention if not - :)
    Deciding to go to the dr is always a dilemma for us as well. Lately we've been doing pretty well - everytime we go it's double ear infections, bronchitis, stuff like that (over the past year, not recently) - we've been getting our co-pays worth! But it's always so hard and you're always second guessing yourself - we're all there with you, doing the best we can and had she improved

  5. oops. Catherine must have submitted before I was done!
    ANyway - if she had improved then you would have been glad you had cancelled. There's just no way to know!

  6. Crystal, I'm so sorry they're still sick! You have been on my heart so much the past few days. Now I know why. I have thought about and prayed for you. I struggle with Dr. appointments, too. I feel like I'm always walking a thin line between over reacting and not being pro active enough. I pray that you'll be able to get your girls in to the doctor first thing!

  7. Keeping ALL of you in our prayers. I SO wish I was closer and could be a helping hand - arm - shoulder. But thanks to our God for sending a good friend when we SO need them. Love you and hope those girls bounce back soon
    BTW - alot of parents do the same guessing game with when to come into the Dr office. If you had gone Monday - you would probably be back today with your other daughter. Thankfully you and hubby are great at night duty.

  8. Thank God for wonderful friends like that! I am sorry your kiddos are sick! I know how hard and draining that can be for the whole family!

  9. What happend to my comment? I was leaving you comment #2 a second ago when it just disappeared! lol. Anyway, I was saying I just realized that the graphic (about babies and diapers) on your sidebar is the same one I used for my blog post today. Great minds think alike! ;0)

  10. Oh, Mama~ Don't feel bad at all. We've all been there. You were probably so tired and exhausted. I can imagine. I hope you guys are all doing well and you didn't get sick either. I hate when that happens! It usually goes around and around in my family. You're so lucky to have a wonderful friend. I'm sure you're a terrific Mama and friend to everyone around you, which is why people want to do things for you in return~

  11. Dinner.... wow!! What a blessing!! just noticed compassion in your sidebar. We sponsor 2 kiddos through them!!


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