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This winter Scott and I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith.  Few movies have stuck with me as much as this one.  My heart was so heavy as I watched this very smart man struggle to provide for his son.  The thing that got Scott and I the most, was how immensely blessed we are.  We were given so many opportunities that others don’t get.  We don’t have what we do because we deserve it.  It’s not because we are smarter or work harder or are more responsible.  God has given us so many blessings.  They are gifts.  This was immensely humbling to me.  And it made me all the more sensitive to those who don’t have what I do.  It makes me eager to reach out and share what I have with those in need.  The movie put a story behind the faces I see on the side of the street.   If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to do so.  

We also recently read the book Under the Overpass.  I highly recommend this book.  It is an easy and quick read and very convicting.  Two college age Christians take time away from their studies to live on the streets for 6 mths.  They essentially become missionaries to the homeless in the U.S.  They lived in 6 different cities for approximately one month at a time.   This book records their journey.  It is humbling and saddening to see how people who claim to be Christians respond to them as homeless. 

The author truly struck a chord with Scott and I.  He encourages the reader to be passionate about living out our faith in deeds.  Doing more than just talking about our faith, but living it out.   The author talks on his webpage about “living out loud” and that is something we are striving to do.  

I like what he says in the last chapter,

Fortunately, “the love your neighbor” part of Jesus’ teaching starts with the simple actions and small opportunities that are available to each of us.  Little things do mean a lot, especially in the kingdom of God, where giving a drink of cold water has eternal repercussions.  And I am convinced that the more committed we become to impacting one person at a time-whether through a cup of coffee or a genuine conversation- the more we’ll prepare our hearts and our churches to respond at both a community and national level.  The bottom line is real love always shows itself in action.” 

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read the book and let him challenge you and your thinking and actions.  You can find more info on the book here.  I know I finished quite humbled and quite eager to do more to serve our Lord, by serving His people. 

Last month I wasn’t able to join Scott when he went back out to deliver lunches, due to the stomach bug makings its way through our family.   I am eagerly looking forward to serving alongside him this month and to looking for more ways to live my faith out loud.


  1. We have that movie too. It is very interesting.

    We went to a church before we moved that would have the homeless men that wanted to, come and stay at the church and work close by at a Fruit and Berry Patch. Several took the offer. It was sad sometimes to hear their stories. Some would stay for months at a time until they could make it on their own. Some would be able to use the phone for the first time and call friends or family to come get them. The sad part was that there were a few that would stay a few days and then go back to the streets. I guess if that's what you knew or were used to...

  2. I spent some time working with the homeless in college and the Lord really did a work in my heart during that time. I don't think I'll ever forget some of those faces and I still remember them in prayer.

    I really need to watch that's on my list of "must sees".

  3. I keep thinking of that country song "Don't Laugh At Me" by Mark Wills. He says, "I'm the trip over on the corner. You pass me on the street. I wouldn't be out here begging if I had enough to eat. And don't think I don't notice that our eyes never meet. I lost my wife and little girl, someone crossed that yellow line. They day we layed them in the ground is the day I lost my mind. And now I'm down to holding this little cardboard sign. Don't laugh at me. Don't call me names. Don't get your pleasure from my pain. In God's eyes we're all the same. Someday we'll all have perfect wings....Don't laugh at me."

  4. I believe I stand corrected that in the first line it's actually, "I'm the cripple on the corner. You pass me on the street..."

    Sorry. Didn't you just do a post about mishearing song lyrics???!!!!??

  5. This is really cool! I so much enjoy reading about you and Scott (my buddy) serving the homeless! I'm looking forward to more because I can tell from your posts/words that this is resonating in your heart.

    Go figure! A mom who loves her husband and kids (with all their mess & fussiness) stands to reason she'd have compassion for the homeless.

    I mean you're a mom who loves her home and her family so wouldn't if make sense you'd cry for people who have neither? I love it!


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