His Dream Come True

My son loves baseball. 

I am not sure exactly where this love comes from since his dad and I are both avid football fans, but could care less about baseball.  Didn’t even watch the World Series.  In fact, the only baseball I’ve watched over the past few years, I’ve watched with my son.  As a 2 year old, he would ask for it on TV and we’d sit and watch several innings on ESPN or catch a little on Sports Center. 

When he turned two, his aunt Karen and Uncle Jim sent him a tee ball stand for his birthday.  Perhaps that is where his love was born.IMG_1493

Can you believe it was once acceptable practice in our house to play baseball indoors?  This shot was taken in our living room and as memory recalls, this was not an isolated incident. 

eager to dig into his baseball birthday cakeFor his third birthday we threw him a baseball themed party…hot dogs and peanuts and cracker jacks, with a baseball cake to top it all off.  One of my favorite memories from that party was when the kids were all playing ball in the backyard.  They were hitting the ball off the tee and an airplane flew overhead.  We told our son to knock the ball into the sky.  He stopped and with total seriousness said, “No, I can’t hit it now, I wouldn’t want to hurt the pilot.”

So, he was beyond excited when the Superbowl came and went b/c now that football season was over, he could start looking forward to baseball.  And this year is his first year playing on a team. 

I will never forget the look on his face as he got ready for practice.  He was downstairs and ready to go when Scott got home.  He was so eager to get going Scott assumed they were running late and quickly they jetted off to practice.  Scott called me a few minutes later confused as to where everyone was.

They were 15 min early.

My little guy had a grin on his face the entire practice.  It was so cute to watch him stretching, grinning from ear to ear.  He was stretching for baseball. Does it get better than that his face seemed to say? IMG_5068

And yes, we were THOSE parents taking pictures of our kid stretching at baseball practice. 

IMG_5082His smile never left his face the rest of the night.  I found a leftover piece of his baseball table cloth, which I put on his portion of the table for dinner and made him a white chocolate baseball lollipop out of a candy mold.  I also had a baseball straw which I had picked up in a clearance bin this summer.  He was ecstatic! 

I am so excited about his first baseball season.  I can’t imagine enjoying any game more than his first ever real baseball game.  I can’t believe my little guy has grown from hitting the ball in the living room to stretching at the Little League park. 

He just might make a baseball fan out of me yet!


  1. C-u-t-e!! I love that cake!! You are such a fab mom; I know you're gonna have just as much fun as he this baseball season!!

  2. man, he does look sooooo happy! which is funny since i've seen him play soccer (or not want to play soccer, as the case may be) and assumed he wasn't into organized sports. little did i know...

  3. That is Great! I think it even better that you encourage his love even if its not your own! What a great Mom you are!

  4. Your son is so sweet and adorable. I just love the things he says like he doesn't want to hurt the pilot....really, that's just too much. I sometimes think if Noah could talk he would say things similar to your son. For now, I live vicariously through yours. :)

    Can't wait to see baseball season play out in pictures over the coming months!

  5. How exciting! We will be looking forward to seeing the photos!

  6. Your son is so cute, it is so neat when they have such an excitement about something. I love his birthday cake, what a great idea!

  7. Wow! That is great that he can play on a team! I hope the season goes well for you all!


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