Trekking Across the USA

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Saturday we left Nashville and continued further west.  Our goal for the day was to reach Ft Smith, AR (on the border of AR and OK) and to visit Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, AR. 

Mission Accomplished

We were in the car from about 9:45am to 11:30pm… with the exception of 3 hours in Hot Springs. 

No one seemed to mind though.  They had video games, movies, books, coloring pages, and crafts to pass the time. 


We “dined” at the Golden Arches for lunch. 


We read about Arkansas, the Mississippi River and Elvis Presley.  We also listened to some Elvis on Spotify since we were going to be driving by Memphis.   The kids were not impressed with The King.


Aunt Karen gave the kids each a little bag of activities for the car ride.  They have been a BIG HIT. 


We saw 3 skylines as we trekked across route 40.



Memphis (and the Mississippi River)



Little Rock


We also passed several military convoys.


And hit some traffic due to construction.


Scott drove the entire way.  Isn’t he a stud?


Today we will cross OK, the top part of TX, and enter NM.  We will stay with friends for two nights in Albuquerque.  Then we will slow way down on the miles per day and begin the camping portion of our journey. 

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  1. LOVE the convoy pic. :) Did you know Jim threatened to name Eli "Convoy Logistics Grube"? I know, right?

    Let the kids know I feel similarly about Elvis.

    Have such a GREAT next few days! So jealous you get to visit our peeps in ABQ!


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