The Great Saguaro


Tuesday we left New Mexico and headed south west for Saguaro National Park in Tuscon, AZ.

Saguaro National Park Sign Picture

We got to Saguaro National Park in time to explore a bit and then take in the parks beauty after the oppressive heat of the day was past. It really was perfect timing.    We walked around a path near the visitors center which allowed us to see the cacti up close. 

IMG_0865Saguaro Cacti are Big

The cacti were much bigger than we expected and we were delighted to find some in bloom.   The white blooms were particularly exciting because we learned that the white blooms only open up for one day and then they die.


We also got to see a few other things up close.   Yes, I was totally freaked out by this snake.  But, if I may say so myself, I remained calm.   And even stayed on the trail rather than running back to the van shrieking like I wanted to do.

King Snake

LizardEveryone uses their camera to take pictures of the lizard

While on our walk, the sun’s “golden hour” appeared.  It really was quite breathtaking.


Everyone enjoyed taking pictures during our evening stroll.


And then the camping adventure began…



  1. So glad u r having a great time. Loving ur posts.

  2. It's so cute to see the kids taking their own pictures. And the poses they make when they're in them. Ha!


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