One Year Later

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A year ago today Scott and I dropped the kids off at a friends house and went to sign on the dotted line about 20 gazillion times. 

We left with keys to our new home!

Scott and I headed to the new place to enjoy some take out Chinese on the back deck as we celebrated the immense blessing of this new home.  Then as is the case quite often for us… our busy lives resumed… Scott back to work… me to grab some stuff from our old house to bring to our new house for our camp out that night… then we met up at the gym for our daughter’s Mini Olympics performance and I think we might have had a little league baseball game in there too… we got home much later that evening…


Wow!  Someone grew up this year!


Our realtor had surprised us by stocking our fridge with food… we ate our first meal as a family in our new home… picnic style in the kitchen at 8:00 at night… and then we camped out on the living room floor.


The next day our friends helped move over our stuff and we couldn’t believe how by the end of that LONG day it truly felt like we were at home.


We were so excited and overwhelmed as this house was way more than we dreamed we’d have.  It was exactly the house we wanted for our family.   Even though the newness as worn off… the toilet runs, finger prints cover  the walls, the grout in the floor never seems to stay clean… the appreciation for this house hasn’t faded.   I can honestly say that almost daily in the past year Scott and I have reflected and commented to each other how very grateful we are for this home.  How much we truly cherish it. 

I LOVE, LOVE the back yard.  I smile every time I look out the kitchen window and see the kids playing in the back.  I love how much room they have and how much privacy we have.




I love the layout of our main living floor.  We have room for our chaos to to spread without it feeling like we are all on top of each other.  There’s room to homeschool in the kitchen and not have to clear the table for lunch or dinner.  I LOVE that! 


It’s been a year… we still haven’t decorated the kids rooms at all… I hope to get to that this summer.  And I have a few other walls that I’d like to hang stuff on and make homey.  But, it is home… been home since we camped out together on the living room floor last June.  And I hope our deep appreciation and gratitude for this home never fades with time.


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