Cadillac Ranch


While planning our trip, I was searching for some sort of fun diversion for our long car ride day.  I wanted something free, fun, and not out of the way.

Cadillac Ranch fit the bill perfectly. 


Cadillac Ranch is a wide open field on the side of route 40 with 10 old cadillacs stuck in the ground.  People can come and spray paint on them.  It’s a “changing art exhibit”  as people are continually coming and adding to and changing it.  We actually witnessed that while we were there.  Scott had spray painted a smiley face on a car and then went to help another kid with spray painting a different car.  In that short period of time, someone had already painted over his smiley face.  With all the graphiti, there is no way to know what was just painted and what had been there for hours or days.

I packed some partially used spray paint cans and we let the kids go to town.




Our little “thug” in the making.IMG_0539

Like his smiley face?IMG_0587

Mom and Dad got in on the fun too.


See the shout out to the blog?


We ended up staying at Cadillac Ranch longer than I anticipated.  But, the kids enjoyed “spray painting race cars.”  And how many times will I give my kids a can of spray paint and let them paint a car?  I’m thinking it was a once in a life time opportunity.


  1. Hope you explained to them that this is not something you do to just any car.

  2. What a super cool vacation special event!!! Not to be repeated at home :-) Great colorful pictures


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