A Desert Oasis


After two long days in the van, we took a welcome respite at our friends Bob and Judi’s house in Albuquerque, NM.   In fact, we pushed through and made Sunday such a long day on the road, so that we could spend the entire day with them on Monday. It was fabulous.

They have a daughter who falls in age in the middle of our oldest two children.  She got along wonderfully with all 4 of our kids though. 


The kids enjoyed a low key morning of fort building and playing around the house.




After lunch we had a little down time, followed by the afternoon at the pool.  Then we were back at the house for a delicious Mexican dinner. The views from their house were stunning.  You can see the mountain ranges from their back windows.  IMG_0688

Their back yard was a beautiful desert garden.  I was really taken with the differences in architecture and flora in the southwest.IMG_0690

And of course the desert view sunsets. IMG_0696


We ended the day with a game of soccer at the park at sunset.IMG_0719


After a relaxing and refreshing visit with friends we are set to embark on phase two of our grand adventure… the camping/National Park portion.  Today we have one of our last “longish” days on the road (a little over 7 hrs) before we set up camp tonight in Tuscon, AZ at Seguaro National Park.


  1. This whole post makes me so jealous that you got to hang out with such a cool family. That must have been the best day ever. It looks like you did a little bit of everything! They are truly the best hosts.

  2. Judi says, "You better believe we're 'the best hosts ever'! Tell your husband to get you out here! Now! Bring the kids! Love you!" :)


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