Every Mom’s Dream


How many times have you wished you could be in more than one place at a time?  I know there’s been many a time that I’ve had that thought….

And Saturday, I had my wish.   We were in four places at once.

The circus family stood in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado at the same time.

Circus Family at Four Corners Monument

We goofed around a bit and then the big kids got to strike their favorite pose in 4 states at once.

Four Corners MonumentIMG_2269IMG_2268IMG_2271

It was a fun stop on our way to Mesa Verde National Park.


  1. What fun pictures!

  2. Scott got to live out his dream! I'm pretty sure he was SUPER disappointed when we didn't get to go there on our cross-country trip. Congrats, Scott!

  3. Best Hosts EverFriday, June 28, 2013

    You might have been in the wrong spot by about 8000 ft:

  4. ...and we could have taken you to one of THE most unique geographically and historically fascinating anomalies in the USA: "No Man's Land". The most uncivilized region of the USA until 1889. There you'd also see that New Mexico extends 2 miles into Oklahoma...or that Texas stole a 2 mile-wide strip of territory from New Mexico which hasn't been corrected in our state Constitution? Oh the Geography fun we could've had! :)


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