Beneath the Rim


The highlight of our day at the Grand Canyon for most of the members of our circus crew was a short hike they took into the canyon.  


We all started on the hike, but it was more than this “fraid’ of heights Momma” could handle.  

The plan was to go to the first tunnel and back, but after about 2 treks on the switchback, I was biting back tears and hating EVERY second of it.  Scott suggested I head back to the top with our three year old and I IMMEDIATELY agreed (you know… for my sons safety ;-).   I hate letting fear get the best of me and I hate missing out on things, but I also knew my nerves had been pushed to their limit and we still had several more hours to go at the park and all I was doing was ruining it for the others. 


So, my little man and I headed out.  He was not happy with me, because he too hated missing out on what the rest were doing.  But, once I found a bird for him to chase on the top, he was fine.  He chased birds and we rocked in rocking chairs and about 45 minutes or so later the rest of the crew joined us at the top.  ALL SMILES.  And I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving. 

They had the time of their life.



If I had gone, we’d never have gotten this precious picture.

IMG_1775 (2)

Sometimes, I think it’s awesome to push past your fears and not let them limit you.  And other times, it’s equally important to know your limitations.  This vacation I’ve had to do both. 


  1. Scott has 2 moms that r afraid of heights.

  2. The pics of ur family loving to be together and having such a good time are precious. I am sure Gramma and Papa are as happy and pleaaed as we r of the job u two r doing as parents and God is blessing.

  3. It's OK!! Everybody was happy in the end. And you can enjoy some great pictures that they took for you :-)

  4. I think you played that out perfectly! No pressure vacations are the best. :)


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