Anniversary Date in DC

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IMG_1167This weekend we snuck away for to celebrate our anniversary.  We spent the night in the nations capital.  And we had a blast.  No agenda.  No plan.  Just hanging out in DC just the two of us.  Confession:  I love the monuments in DC.  Living in MD, I have seen them a lot.  Growing up summer visits from cousins ALWAYS meant trips into DC.  And I know they are very touristy.  But, I didn’t really appreciate them until I was older.  Now every time we go in to DC, I say, “Man, we should come again soon.  I love this place.”  I do.  I love the history.  I love the monuments.  I feel so small as I stand before this giant monuments immortalizing heroes of our nations past. As I read their words I am always amazed at how they are still timely today.  When we visit the war memorials I am humbled at the courage and sacrifices made by our soldiers.  I love the architecture of this fine city.  And I still get a little star struck standing in front of the White House.



Since we spent the night in the city, we were able to walk around the monuments at night… something I haven’t done before.  They look totally different lit up at night.   IMG_1085




And in recent years I have loved learning my way around the city… finding restaurants and shops just blocks away from the tourism rampant on the mall.   This trip I was taken with the architecture of the buildings.



I was also surprised by how many places these monumental landmarks would pop into view from various places in the city.  I’d get so excited as I’d cross the street and look over and see the Capital…


…or walk around the tidal basin by the Jefferson Memorial and it would pop into view again. 


I also didn’t realize you could see the White House from the Jefferson Memorial.

After spending the day walking around the city, grabbing some Starbucks, browsing around Barnes and Noble… truly two of our favorite things to do on a date… we went back to claim our car and luggage from the hotel and head out of the city.  But, I had wanted to see the new to us MLK memorial and we hadn’t made it to the Jefferson Memorial the night before, so we decided to look for some parking on that part of the city and take a walk before heading home.  Storm clouds were rolling in, so it was a nice cool walk along the basin.  Our time at the MLK memorial was cut a bit short as we noticed NO COVER anywhere near by.  But we arrived at the Jefferson Memorial at the perfect time. Crowds were clearing out. 


Look there’s the view of the White House I was talking about… with storm clouds lurking over head.


And then came the downpour!


Bye-bye view of the White House!


Pretty fabulous place to watch a rain storm though!


And afterwards…the memorial steps to ourselves!



I was all giddy as we walked back to our car… what a fabulous end to our fun weekend… and then Scott spotted this rainbow over the Jefferson Memorial.


Couldn’t get more perfect than that!

I am thankful for the time alone with my love… a little over 24 hours… no responsibilities, no distractions… just the two of us.  I am also thankful for the past 12 years with him as my husband.  I love him with all my heart. 



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