Off to a Great Start


We started on our grand adventure yesterday morning.  We set off a little later than we had hoped due to some storm preparations we had to make in case the forecasted impending storms took out our power while we were gone. 

Our plan for day one was to drive from Annapolis, MD to Nashville, TN.  Our route took us through DC which was a fun start. 


IMG_0072We left our house around 10:15 in the morning and pulled into Scott’s cousins in TN around 10:30pm.  The kids did great on day 1.  We made 2 bathroom stops and an extended stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner, the playground, and ice cream .   The kids stayed pretty entertained through the car ride. 

We then spent Friday relaxing with Scott’s cousin and her family.  She has 6 kids and 2 cats and the circus kids had a blast with all of them.  Not to mention they had a pool in their back yard.  We went swimming three different times in one day.   IMG_0077


For those that have been following our 5 year olds please for a cat… looks like we now have 2 circus kids pining for one… anyone care to wager how long till the circus fam adds a cat to the crew?


After weeks of round the clock prepping and to do lists, it was so refreshing to just spend a day chilling.  A wonderful start to our grand adventure.



  1. In light of the storms predicted to dampen the start I would say that you had a beautiful start. And after all the preparation and the weeks ahead - it looks like you made a smart relaxing start to your trip.

  2. I'm so glad you got to have such a great day with them! They are such a FUN family. And a pool? I'm it wasn't hard to convince the kids that first FULL day in the car was worth it!

  3. How Hun for you all. I'm so glad u r having such a fun time. Love.


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