Worst Garden Ever


It’s time to stop pretending.  The act is over.  Who am I kidding?

I am not a gardener.

Each spring, I get bitten by a gardening bug and I think that I will turn over a new leaf and suddenly spawn a green thumb. 

So, I buy some plants and seeds and the kids and I set off to garden.   Each spring Scott asks why am I doing this when I know what will happen.   And each spring I assure him that this year will be different.

The way gardening typically works for me is that I get all excited about it in April.  I weed the garden area, plant a few plants and then pretty much that is it. 

I don’t eagerly run out to check for sprouts.

I don’t weed. 

A lot of times, I don’t even remember to pick the tomatoes off the vine. 

I am literally a one day gardener.

The problem is, I don’t enjoy it.  I don’t think it is fun to weed and water and prune the plants.  I don’t wait in eager anticipation to see the fruits of my labor bloom.  I garden out of guilt.  I garden b/c my parents garden and my best friends garden and when they start talking about all their seeds and sprouts, I start thinking, “Hey, I should do that too…”  b/c that’s what good moms do… they dig in the dirt with their kids.

This year started out like any other.  We went to Home Depot, got a few plants and a few seed packets.    We also bought some annuals and mulch for our front yard.  Scott and I then spent the afternoon planting and mulching.  When we were done I didn’t feel like tackling the garden so I stuck the plants in front of the house so they could get some sunlight and water and save them for another day.

OK… that was on April 24th. 

Here are the plants now. IMG_8478


Yea… you can see that I got real far on the garden this year…. I think it’s a record… killed em before I even got them in the ground.  The truth is that in my pregnant state there is a limited number of things I feel like getting down on my hands and knees to do.  And the reality is given the choice, I chose scrubbing the baseboards in my bathroom to planting vegetables.

If that doesn’t reveal my true feelings about gardening, I don’t know what does.      Part of me still has aspirations of planting some sunflowers…we’ll see… but for now this years vegetable garden goes down as my Friday Fail


  1. Please please don't feel bad. 2 things:
    1. Growing up, my family PLANTED the garden every year. A huge gigantic garden! In September, my dad would mow over the garden with the huge tractor. We never ate anything from our garden!
    2. Now, my husband LOVES to garden and as awesome as it is, he has to remind me to even go check out the garden and he has to tell me what is up.

    You are so NOT alone! You are my kindred spirit!
    And I am dying to see your baby!
    Little Crystal's baby, please come on out soon! We all want to meet you!

  2. The baby is here? YAY! I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl. Enjoy your new little one, Crystal! :)

  3. @Happy, SHE had the forethought to pre-write posts so when she has Her baby we didn't get radio silence like someone else I know.... (love you!)

    and I am sorry about your garden. Its something I have dreams about too but I suspect mine are a bit more grand than yours and I should just hire a landscaper.

  4. Love your honesty! Please don't feel guilty --if it helps, I really want to like camping, and feel I should, but frankly, once the tent is up, the first meal is eaten, and the mosquitos set in I am inwardly groaning about the aches I'm going to get from the air mattress and slightly anxious about the possibility of bear visitors or rabid animals roaming the area. Lame, I know, but true : )

  5. At least you keep trying!
    I am also not into gardening and wish I was because it would be cool.
    Did you have your baby?

  6. Don't worry - there are plenty of gardeners to supply your needs. Do the wonderful things that you really enjoy doing with those kiddos - that is more important. BTW I HATE weeding too but I must admit - I enjoy seeing the fruits of the labor. This year, my flower gardens are suffering due to increased hours at the office.


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