Summer Olympics 2024


Mark your calendars now for the 2024 Olympics… our little gymnast has started training!  IMG_8550

I must say I have truly enjoyed watching her at her gymnastics class this year.  Since I can’t even do a forward roll, I am always so amazed as I watch her do back rolls or “flip overs” on the bars.  Neither Scott nor I did gymnastics growing up so it is not a sport we would have normally thought of but she is so short, strong and flexible (remember she still sleeps folded in half) that we just had to get her involved.  Add to that her fearlessness and toughness and I think you have all the attributes one looks for in a gymnast (and a whole lot of attributes her mom does not share).



She’s had a ton of fun this year at gymnastics and it turns out our intuition was right.  This summer she was invited to the join the precompetition class for the next session.

Perhaps one day we’ll see her on another medal stand? IMG_8611


  1. This kinda makes me regret not letting my girls go to their gymnastic's "show" last week. It was on a Sunday morning though, and that just irked me. Looks like you've got a champion there!

  2. Mary Lou your heart out! LOL

    Wow..she's a natural!!! That's awesome!

  3. She looks like such a natural. It will be exciting to watch her gymnast journey! (I'm giggling about the serious red, white, and blue leotard...with the nice little pink Elmo undies stickin' out :))

  4. so cool! Love it!

  5. She looks so good It is fun to se how she enjoys it. Keep it up


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