Thanks Mom!

Last week my mom came and spent the week with us.  My parents live 5 hrs away from us and even though they do an awesome job of coming to visit for weekends, it always seems like the visit is over before it starts and I am often left wishing I had some more time to spend with them.  Having mom here for a week was such a blessing.  Not only did she do my laundry for me all week as well as cook our dinners and even do the dishes, but she also shared my days with me.  A treat I don’t often get to enjoy with her.      

IMG_0487 IMG_0482

DSC01092 DSC01111 IMG_0538 IMG_0509  DSC01191 DSC01218 DSC01179 IMG_0586


We had a blast…  she took the kids for bike rides, raced my 2 yr old on the basketball court, went swimming in the bay with the kids, let them help with dinner preparations, watched Scott’s sailing race, worked on projects—(such as building an ant farm, and sewing cow costumes for Cow Appreciation Day), ate picnic lunches on the deck, enjoyed tea and scones for lunch, and snuggled the baby…

Thanks Mom… for a fabulous week!! 



  1. What a fun visit!! My mom lives 6 hrs. away, too, so I know how precious that time can be.

    Oh, and I thought that was fabric for a cow fun!

  2. It truly was my pleasure. After reading your post - I know why I was tired by the end of the week LOL :-) It was such great fun. A great vacation! Thanks a million.

  3. some very sweet pictures! moms are the best, huh?

  4. Your Mom,
    I am so happy that your time was so full and precious.

  5. I remember my Mom doing it for me. You know I guess it go`s down the line when we are lucky to have Mothers who care and we did Love the pictures even the Nature lesson LOL (:-)


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