Slumber Parties

I think I’ve mentioned before that my oldest three all share a room.  This week the kids have started taking turns sleeping with the baby. 

Sunday night the boys got to sleep together.  My oldest was so excited about sharing a room with his little brother.  I couldn’t help but snap a picture as I peeked in on them before going to bed.


When I went to look in on the girls I found them both cuddled up together on the floor… it appears they decided to have a sleep over of their own!IMG_0655

The next night my oldest daughter wanted to sleep with the baby.  As she was getting ready for bed she told me to make sure when I put him to sleep that I put his pacifier where she could reach in the crib so that she could help him if he woke up.  She told me she’d take care of him and I wouldn’t have to get up.  One of the times when I went in to feed him, I found her by his crib giving him his pacifier and talking sweetly to him.  In the morning I found she had moved off of the bed and onto the floor so she could be closer to him. IMG_0727 I wonder how long it’ll be before all four of them are sleeping in the same room?!


  1. TOO CUTE!! They really are a close bunch - remember that when they are fighting :-)

  2. oh, that makes my heart smile and beam and they aren't even my kids! I think I probably would have cried!

  3. I love how you don't "sweat the small stuff". I would have been like, "NO! You HAVE to be in your bed! Those are the rules." Your kids are so cute!


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