Time to Get Recalibrated


Check out the size of these diapers!! Have you seen anything so little?  It’s been a long time since we’ve had diapers that small around here… I think I forgot how tiny they were. 


Seriously, my hand is bigger than the diaper!!


Granted my swollen hands are bigger than a lot of things these days so maybe that wasn’t the best bench mark, but still….what a tiny little bottom we’re going to be wiping soon!!


  1. I always forget how little those newborn diapers are too! They don't stay in them that long, that's for sure! In hindsight, it seems as if they move from newborn to size 3 diapers in the blink of an eye!

    Can't wait to see that tiny little bottom on here soon! (Well, not his bottom exactly, but you know what I mean!)

  2. Wow so small! I had forgotten too, I was looking through the sale rack the other day and looking at the size 3 mo clothes and going ... can a person be that small?

  3. i remember feeling that way! and now he is already out of them and has been for a month! he's only 10 weeks! he is 10 WEEKS! You'll be here soon! But I hope it goes more slowly for you then it did for me!

  4. haha, the funny part for us looking at those newborn diapers is that they were TOO BIG for sam the first month of his life. he also was too tiny for newborn clothes. when i hold them up now, i am pretty sure that's not possible!! so excited your little one is coming soon!!!

  5. Oh my goodness - I remember bringing my under 6lb Max home from the hospital and changing 18 month old Jack's diaper. I was like, "when did your little booty get so HUGE?" LOL! It was like Jack was a giant and Max was the tiniest thing I'd ever seen. And, Jack was my BABY! - or at least had been for 18 months. Crazy how I just got so philosphical about diapers. Don't mind me. :)


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