It Was Good While it Lasted


Those of you with more than one kiddo know how insanely difficult it is to get a good picture of all your children together….if you don’t know what I am talking about, check out this post or this one, and you will get an idea of what I am referring to.  You have aspirations of all three children sitting still, smiling, and looking at the camera.  After about 30 clicks of the camera and at least 20 begs and pleas to “look at mommy” and “please sit down” you suddenly set your sights a bit lower and just hope for all of them smiling… who cares where they look and how they sit….

After an almost 3 year quest for that perfect picture of our children together, we finally got it.  (we got really close this Easter with our “best group shot yet” picture)

On our way to the hospital to have our fourth child, Scott decided to quick snap a picture of the kids as we dropped them off with Great Grandpa.  He told the kids to smile really nice b/c this was the last picture we’d have of our children, when it was just three of them. 

Apparently, that was all it took b/c they totally turned on the charm and Scott clicked away.


Of course we get that sought after picture of our kids together only to have it become completely outdated a mere 5 hrs later!

And if the secret to getting a good picture of all of my children together  requires me to be in labor for their next sibling, then I am pretty much guaranteed, to never have a good picture of the 4 of them together.

Oh well… it was good while it lasted!!


  1. That is so funny!

    And the picture totally took my breath away.
    So you are done now, too? As are we!

  2. Yes, I know how hard that is!! LOL!

    And that picture came out perfectly!! They are all so cute!

  3. ADORABLE picture and hilarious commentary.

  4. Oh how perfect I know how to get your youngest in it.

  5. well, i will say that once we all got a little older, it started to happen that my siblings and i take the BEST pictures when it involves the three of us posing together. somehow, we just belong there together. so i think the same will happen, now that your circus is completed. before, they were restless, squirming around looking for their missing member. now.... well, that's all well and good but i guess we'll have to see what happens. i think this is a beautiful photo.

  6. what an AMAZING picture!!!


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