Birth Story Number 4


Just a few short weeks ago I was reminiscing about the birth stories of my first 3 children… I can’t believe I am now “on the other side” of this pregnancy as well and finally able to share the details of my son’s entrance into the world.

It actually starts out very similarly to my first birth story.  The night before my due date Scott and I went to bed early and as we were going to bed Scott jokingly said, “Feel free to wake me at 3 am and tell me you are in labor.” 

Instead our 2 yr old woke us twice complaining of her ear hurting.   We gave her some Motrin and Scott ended up sleeping on her floor.  At around 3:30 I went in to wake Scott and have him come back to our bed.    I also mentioned that I thought I might be having contractions. 

Neither of us fell asleep after that.

The contractions weren’t strong, but I was fairly certain they weren’t Braxton Hicks either as they kept coming repeatedly.   I tried falling back asleep but kept wondering if “this was it.”  Eventually, we both got up, showered, Scott painted my toes for me, ate breakfast and waited for the kids to wake.  It was actually a very peaceful morning.  The most stressful part for me was figuring out if this was the real deal. 

I think part of me was in denial b/c it was my due date and my anniversary.  I never thought I’d come on my due date.  In my head I always assumed the baby would come 2 or 3 days later. 

I sent Scott to work for an hour.  My oldest daughter had her end of the year gymnastics show that morning so he was already planning to come home to go to her show. 

Since the contractions still weren’t that bad, he went to work, and then we all went to gymnastics.  I was so thankful we didn’t have to miss her year end show.  We’d been looking forward to it for weeks!

Afterwards it seemed the contractions were slowing down.  I was still having them, but at this point they were sometimes up to 30 or 40 minutes a part.  So, Scott fixed us lunch and went back to work to wait for me to call and tell him things were getting more serious.   I put the kids down for naps and then actually napped a bit myself on the couch. 

IMG_8634 Then the contractions started getting more painful and were around 8 minutes a part.  I called Scott and he came home.  Then, we called the Dr. to see if perhaps I could go in and be checked.  The Dr said that if I had been having contractions for 12 hrs, was 40 weeks, and it was my fourth kid, then I was having the baby today… go to the hospital unseen.  They said I didn’t need to rush but to estimate when I would come in so they could let Labor and Delivery know.  My middle child was still napping, so I figured I’d let her wake up, then we’d drop the kids off at my in-laws w/ Scott’s grandpa and head to the hospital.  I told her an hour and half should be good. 

anniv dinnerBy the time we got everyone in the car and headed to drop them off, my contractions, though painful, were slowing down to about a 12 minute pace (had been steady 8min).  It was around 5 so we decided to grab some dinner (it was our anniversary after all) and evaluate after that.  We decided against the fancy steak dinner we had originally been planning and instead went to Chick-Fil-A at the mall food court.  Scott joked that I was a boring date b/c every 5-6 minute I would stop talking, start breathing heavy and death grip his hand.  We made it through dinner and I decided I didn’t want to delay any further in getting to the hospital b/c those contractions were REALLY STARTING TO HURT!! 

However, the very short car ride to the hospital yet again managed to slow down the contractions so we were back to 10 min apart.  The triage nurse checked me and I was at 3cm.  While this was an improvement from 0 (which was what I was at my last appt), I still had a ways to go.  We decided to walk the halls of labor and delivery for an hour and get checked again. 

Since it was our anniversary and all, Scott treated me to a nice toast of sparkling ice water during our walk, complete with a kiss! 

 anniv kiss

After walking the halls for an hour, I was tired.  My contractions were QUITE PAINFUL and a consistent 5 min apart (as long as I didn’t stop to sit down).   They checked me again in triage and I was a good 4cm and told they’d admit me.  

As we checked into the nicest labor/delivery room I’d been in, we updated our face book status to say,

Not to brag about our anniversary date or anything but my husband and I just got a room.

 at 7:50pm via Facebook for iPhone

Once admitted the Dr. came to see me but told me she wasn’t going to check me and break my water until I got the epidural b/c if she did she didn’t think I’d last till the epidural.  Unfortunately I had to wait for the anesthesiologist to finish in a surgery and then see one other patient before it was my turn.  So, I labored another hour and a half waiting for that epidural.   By the time I got the epi, my labor was progressing pretty quickly.  The Dr came in around 10pm and broke my water.  I was 8 cm dilated.  She said to call her when I felt the urge to push, she figured she’d be back in about a half hour. 

I promise she walked out the door and I said to Scott, “I feel pressure.”  We waited a few minutes and called her back.  The Dr. and nurse set everything up without even checking me.  It felt like it was suddenly happening so fast.  Oh my goodness I thought… I am really having the baby… now!!!  I couldn’t believe it! 

3 contractions later and my baby boy was sitting on my chest!  IMG_8666 Seriously, I feel like I blinked and he was here! 


So, that’s the story…. anyone still reading?  I realize this post was rather wordy… trying get all the details recorded while they are still fresh in my mind.  I can’t believe he’s here already.  Just like each time before, my heart has grown immensely and I am so incredibly in awe and in love with this precious life that God has entrusted us with. 

We’ve been snapping pictures like crazy of our sweet little man and I can’t wait to share them with you…now that the birth story on the record, expect several wordless picture posts over the next few days as I introduce you to our newest cast member. 


  1. I loved reading the whole birth didn't seem wordy to me at all! I'm curious...what role will your newest cast member play in the circus? :)

  2. Just another GREAT story!! I am so glad for text messages that kept us posted on our way to MD. More thankful for my new phone :-) He is such a sweetie. You have great labor/delivery stories. Cute pictures of your anniversary date!!!

  3. Best anniversary I ever saw! Loved every word of it...not too wordy at all! Really love the part about Scott painting your toe nails...what a swell guy!

    Isn't it amazing "to be on the other side" of pregnancy? I love it, but when I think about other people's pregnancies and deliveries it makes me nostalgic!

    Looking forward to many picture posts of the newest adorable circus member!

  4. I knew about Scott painting your nails due to our visit in the hospital, but I would like to say he really is just THAT great since he let you post it to the world :)

  5. I read the whole thing and loved every bit of it! So so thrilled for you!! Great birth story :)

  6. Scott (aka Circus Dad)Tuesday, June 08, 2010

    Yea Megh, about that. She never really ran that one by me.

  7. That was an awesome birth story, brought tears to my eyes. So thrilled for all of you. Couldn't ask for a better Anniversary gift !! Love to all.

  8. Great story! Love the stopping to update facebook. I love that about facebook. And your post couldn't have been any cuter.

    Can't wait to see all his pics!

  9. Loved the story and especially the Love you 2 have for each other. Sounds like the kids have welcomed little brother as one of them already. The toe painting thingy was impressive. I can't get Sheri to do mine.LOL God Bless your growing family!

  10. i'm so glad to hear the story! can you believed we never slowed down enough the days after for me to really hear how it happened? what a crazy few days it was. crazy but great.


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