I Forgot…


IMG_9724Funny how time dulls the memory.  It’s been 3 yrs since I’ve had a newborn around the house and it seems I forgot a few things, like….

  • How many diapers a newborn goes through…this little man seems to poop, all-the-time, already went through the two small packs of newborn diapers we had in less than a week.  Thankfully I had bought a huge box of Swaddlers size 1-2 which he can technically fit in and which totally saved the day night when we ran out of the newborn sized diapers in the middle of the night. 
  • The  importance of pointing *it* down when sealing up a diaper… went through many onesies before Scott reminded me of that little nugget.
  • The amount of time one spends nursing.  This little man eats every 2 hrs, with a few 3 hrs stretches thrown in there and one long 4-5 hour stretch in the morning.  I am not complaining mind you.  But, when he eats every 2 hours and he falls asleep while nursing, requiring me to go to great lengths to wake him… well, then nursing takes about 45 min….  so, if you do the math, it leaves me with just over an hour between feedings. 
  • The adorable little squeals they make that sound like there is a baby seal sleeping in the nursery. 
  • How hard it is to put them down when they fall asleep in your arms…especially when he’s up on my shoulder with his arms around my neck…my heart totally melts and I don’t want to do anything but sit and hold him forever. 
  • The sweet way they smell (before they poop).
  • How soft their skin is.
  • How quickly they grow… he’s already passed the one week mark.
  • How cute they look when they sleep with their arms above their head.

IMG_9793 IMG_9762    IMG_9513


  1. So sweet! He's already noticeably growing from his hospital photos. And, to your credit, it's actually been 6 years since you had a newborn boy, so the pointing issue hasn't been, um, front and center for a few kids : )

  2. He is so cute!!! I have been reminded of many of these things as well. (except the pointing "it" down....I don't have to worry about that one :))

  3. Let me know when 4 needs another neck to hug when he falls asleep.

  4. I'm TOTALLY with you on all of these things (except I DO remember to point *it* down :) ). Its amazing how just a little bit of times makes us forget so much! Also, I LOVE the pics! Enjoy him :)

  5. Crystal, he's so super cute. And I just love your posts as you settle into life with a newborn again. Makes me wish I would have done a better job of documenting my thoughts when Katherine was born.

    Everything you said is so true...esp the part about holding them with their little arms up around your neck.

    And about putting "it" down although its been awhile for me to have to be concerned with an "it." :)

  6. What a sweetie! Nursing time is usually either Bible time or computer time. (Like now--I've learned to type with one hand. :) ) I like to multi-task!

    P.S. We have the same Winnie-the-Pooh sheet. Too funny!

  7. I think even when they poop they smell good (the first 3 months)--from there it's nasty!

    Your little guy is so so so so so so cute! Oh, so cute!

  8. I can soooo relate!!!!! Thanks for sharing...

  9. Ooohhh, I just love it! I wanted to scoop him right up! Those are such gorgeous pictures! I can't believe how much he has changed already!
    (And when you said, "how good they smell until they poop" - AMEN, sistu! Everyone told me nursed-newborn poo doesn't stink, but maaaaaaaan, that's just not always the case! They're so cute and gentle and cooey, and then BOOM, drop everything and change the babe, lest everyone evacuates!) :)

  10. Eeeek! He is just too precious for words. Great pix!

  11. I'ma long time reader of your blog and love hearing all your adventures. Congratulations on Baby #4 and thank-you for bringing back such beautiful memories. I have two little boys and I had forgotten a lot of the "little baby" things!


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