Then and Now


Took the kids for a walk to the park.  Nothing exceptional about that, except I realized when looking through pictures that exactly 2 years before I had done the same thing.

We were compelled to go because of the exceptional weather.

Funny how life repeats itself.

Only it doesn’t.

2 years ago, we didn’t wear jackets. 


no shoes


In fact, if you look close… some of us weren’t even wearing shoes.



This time, however, we were all able to walk on our own.  And we thought jackets were a good idea.


2 years ago I was a little more lax about letting them get near the water.

fun with a REALLY big stick

The difference between then and now is kind of funny.


Same date, same month, same state, same park…very different extremes. then now collage (Click to make me bigger)


  1. Oh the difference we have TOO much snw

  2. you are amazing with remembering and making comparisons with the past! Very funny though. I agree with you that it is the crazy extreme of this blizzard that makes it so exciting!

  3. What a great contrast!! It is the ultimate extreme :-)
    Great idea. But in both years - they look like they are enjoying the walk.

  4. Oh wow! Such a difference some winter weather can make! Looks like a good time was had by all both times, though!


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