How Many Outfits Can One Girl Wear?


My girls, especially my youngest, love to change clothes.  And often.  It borders on ridiculous.  I knew if I didn’t document it, no one would believe me.

So, take a look at Thursdays attire here at the circus. (I will mention that we never left the house today). 

The day started at 7:00am, didn’t have the camera ready then, but here she is at 8:30am.  (wearing the clothes she wore last night plus a coat)

IMG_6220 11 minutes later at 8:41am she is sporting her “bubble bathing suit” (so named b/c of the polka dots on the ruffles)


This lasted all of 18 minutes because by 8:59am she traded swim suits with her big sister


By 10:57 am, she added her winter boots, hat, and mittens.  She was determined to go outside, but didn’t make it past the door.  (hmmm… wonder why)


At 11:17am (20  minutes later) she discovered the too short Winnie the Pooh sailor dress from last summer that I keep trying to hide and she keeps discovering. 


Thankfully the scandalous dress didn’t last long as she changed into her lady bug pajamas at 11:42am.


15 minutes later at 11:57am she again had donned the hat and boots and was ready yielding a rather dangerous looking light saber.


She then changed into her leotard and accessorized with my high heel shoes at 12:33pm.

IMG_6256 She napped in her leotard (hence the 3 hour reprieve on outfit changes).  Upon waking up at 3:33 she decided to change back into her lady bug pajammies.

IMG_6262 By 5:20pm however she was back into her sisters bathing suit and they were having swim class on the living room floor (note her sister is wearing her brothers bathing suit…apparently all bathing suits are up for grabs here). 


At 5:40pm, I discovered her sporting her Dora and Boots undies, but decided it best not to post such a picture on the internet.

Since Daddy was coming home soon, I prompted her to put on some clothes.  Here she is helping with dinner at 6:10pm in an actual shirt and pants!!


But, Daddy didn’t get home in time to see his daughter in real clothes because by 6:38pm she was back in the “bubble bathing suit”


She ate in the bubble suit and kept it on until bedtime when she changed into her “footie pajamas” at 8:04pm


13 hours and 13 outfits changes…seriously, this kiddo has more costume changes than a Broadway star. And I promise, this is a normal day…including the multiple changes and the preference for swim suits and pajamas…


  1. Oh my goodness, I love it! Haha! I think it's so great that you just let her do her thing and be creative with her outfit choices all day! You're such an awesome mama!

  2. i couldn't handle that! my girls would totally take them off and throw each outfit into the laundry since no matter how long they wore it, it would be "dirty!" You are an amazing and patience mommy!

  3. E does the same thing! It is completely amazing to me that one little girl can wear so many things in one day! From the second she gets out of bed she "needs a dress" and it goes from there! :)

  4. Ha ha. I love it. (and I absolutely believe you...!) I used to think when we had to go somewhere that getting the oldest kid ready first (a toddler) was the smartest thing. But then I learned that this was a bad idea. By the time the baby was ready in the seat and at the door (fully bundled for winter), the oldest would be gone, and back into some crazy getup. But don't you love that the outfit is NEVER appropriate for the weather? Sometimes when we're home all day I wonder why they even have regular clothing. What a waste!

  5. That is unbelievable! Seriously don't think I would have believed you! Unreal!

  6. Oh I absolutely love it!! Hysterical!! I can see my daughter doing this in the future. :)

  7. How funny!! I am so hiding this from my girls so they don't get any ideas. Boy, I'm tired just reading about all of her clothes changes!

  8. LOL. seems like normal life to me. :) my middle BOY (age 3) does the same thing. especially bathing suits, coats and boots. and gloves and hats. right now he has red mickey mouse underwear and black superman boots as his outfit of choice. but its only 9:46.

    your blog is very relatable. thanks :)

  9. Hopefully they don't go into the laundry!! I can see taking her shopping - you would never get out of the dressing rooms :-)

  10. Too funny!!! I guess it's a different world. My boys are perfectly happy in one outfit per day and a set of pj's at night. With baby girl on the way, I think my world is about to be thrown for a loop!

  11. Wow! Someone is excited to be able to dress herself!

  12. i wouldn't believe it if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes when i was there. i love her "clothing creativity".

  13. That's impressive....and just hilarious! Thanks for the photo documentation.

  14. She is so cute!! I think that is a girl thing because my little ones used to change their clothes all the time too!

  15. I would love to tell you this is just a phase ... but my daughter is 10 and there is no end in sight. Ahhh, the joys of daughters!


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