Our Valentine’s Tradition


I know that many think Valentine’s day is just a day created by Hallmark.  Others think it’s a cheesy holiday for saps.   Say what you will, I’ll jump at a chance for a date night with my hubby.  And I don’t mind a sweet card and some cinnamon heart candy either.

But, after having kids, Scott and I found it rather difficult to go out for Valentine’s day.  Since we don’t hire babysitters, we typically rely on friends or grandparents for babysitting and you can’t ask another couple to babysit for you on Valentine’s Day.  So, for a few years we just did an in home date night after putting the little one (and then ones) to bed. 

But, then one year we got an idea that we both LOVED and a tradition was born. 

We decided to celebrate Valentine’s day on the 7th instead of the 14th.   This way, we weren’t asking anyone to skip out on their own Valentine’s plans.  And the best part is, it also frees us up to babysit for a friend so that they can go out on Valentine’s day.  We love it!

This year we babysat for our very dear friends.  Since we had 5 young ones at our house on Valentine’s night, we decided to throw them their own party.  We had heart shaped meatballs and spaghetti for dinner. 





Then we did a fun painting craft after dinner.  I asked the kids their favorite craft and they told me painting.  So, I found these wooden hearts at Michael’s for $1 each.  Throw in some acrylic paint and some old tee shirts and we were set for fun!




We topped the evening off with a heart shaped cake.  (check out the recipe here…it was so fun to make).  Mental note:  need 2 tubs of icing next time!



Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go out on the 7th due to one of our many snowstorms this month.  But, we do have plans to go out tonight and I am greatly looking forward to a nice evening out with my man!

Celebrating Valentine’s day, not on Valentine’s day so that we can babysit for our friends is a tradition that totally works for us.  Visit here or here for more fun picture posts!


  1. What a FUN way to spend Valentine's Day!! Those are some darn lucky kids to have you to hang out with!! :)

  2. Ah, my babies! (Ok, not my babies, but the closest thing I've got right now.) Oh, I miss them!

    Looks like a fun Valentine's night with the kiddos!

  3. This is super fun! I love to see how people make "commercial holidays" more real and personal.

  4. So cute. Especially the cake. I might just have to make one now, even thought Valentine's day has passed. I love cake.

  5. The meatballs are so cute! Looks like you had a great time!
    I love the hubs and my date night too! I hope you have a fantastic time!

  6. I like that concept!

    Looks like all the kids were having fun! Kids & craft and are always winners.

  7. That's a wonderful Valentine's Day tradition! I love the heart shaped meatballs!

    Happy WW! :-)

  8. That's so cool and AWESOME! My husband and I don't celebrate valentine's day, but if we did, that is the best idea I have ever heard of! Seriously! Could you be more brillant? It looks like you had lots of fun, too!

  9. Great idea! We never celebrate Valentine's Day because it falls right in between our birthdays. Excellent idea to ask others to drop their kids off!

  10. Oh I LOVE those meatballs!!! I'm going to try making them!

    Valentines Day is ALSO my Birthday - so we TRY to do something special...

    But you are RIGHT - a day is just a day - so we usually find ways to celebrate on a different night (which makes reservations SO MUCH easier!)

    Ann Marie @ Household6Diva
    (stopping by from WFMW)

  11. so much fun and that spegetti makes me want lunch

  12. Oh that is such a sweet idea. You and your hubby have some very lucky friends. Enjoy your belated V-day celebration!

  13. I remembered your fun ideas from last year and though of you on V-day. I just knew you'd be cooking up something good. ;o)

  14. How fun!! Love the heart shaped meatballs too.

    Have a wonderful night out with the hubby!

  15. Oh so cute! I love the heart shaped meatball. And the kids look like they had so much fun!

  16. That is such an awesome idea!! I love the shirtless pasta eating - looks like my house. :)

  17. That pasta was such a creative idea!!! Love it!!


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