Good Thing I’ve Got Thick Skin!


Last night I was holding my girls on my lap when they began to play a little rough.  I reminded them that there was a baby in my belly and they needed to be gentle. 

My 4 yr old then said, “Mom, I don’t think you really have a baby in your belly.  I think it is just food.”

I assured her there really is a baby in there and reminded her that she’s seen the baby’s picture and heard the heart beat. 

“Yea,”  she said, “But I think your wrong, I think you’re going to go to the hospital and that is not what is going to come out.”

So basically, my daughter thinks I am fat and she told me so to my face.

Motherhood:  Not for the weak of spirit


  1. must be the four year old mentality because mine told me the same thing

  2. I have the opposite problem--gave birth in Dec. and Peter still points to my stomach sometimes and says, "baby?" Um no, but thanks for that helpful contribution toward my body image.... : )

  3. It is a very incredible occurence - a tiny baby growing inside and then delivered. But she will see that baby- in several more months!!! And not food :-)

  4. That is AWESOME!
    so what does she think is going to come out? Poop?
    And you are NOT fat!

  5. She doesn't think you're fat...she just thinks you're going to have a huge bowl movement. :)

  6. Ha ha ha! Andrew told me I was fat the other day. And literally said "Mom, your getting FAT!" And started to laugh hysterically. How is that nice?!!

  7. Oh no! Well, at least you know that you'll be able to prove her wrong when the baby arrives!! :)

  8. My daughter tells me that pretty regularly.. at least you will have a baby to bring home as proof.


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