Saying Goodbye


We knew this day was coming for awhile now.  In fact, it got pushed back at least twice.  But, sadly, the inevitable could not be avoided…after spending 10 weeks on the east coast, aunt Karen and baby Eli headed back to Texas this morning. 

We have had a blast having them close for so long.  It’s been so fun to “pretend” they were local and see them casually for dinners, or at church, or for an overnight every now and then.   We’ve truly lived it up during our time together.  We attended the parade of lights in downtown Annapolis, we took a road trip to visit our mutual blogging friend, Happy, (4 kids and 2 moms on a 5 hr road trip…that was a slew of memories in and of itself), we had a girls night out, Scott and Karen relived their children and played numerous games of Dr Mario on her Wii, had an impromptu dance party, and played in the snow.  She taught my son to play solitaire and she downloaded kid friendly apps to her smart phone for all of them to play.   She cut the girls hair and sewed me a chair cover and just lived life with us for the past few months.  She even shared some of her precious Skype time so the kids could talk to Uncle Jim in Iraq.  We had fun going to events together and fun just shopping at Target together.  It confirmed to me all the more what I have known for years.  Karen is more to me than just a sister in law.  She is one of my best friends and I think of her truly as a sister.   She is also one fantabulous aunt and I hope I can have the same kind of relationship that she has with my kids, with hers.   aunt karen collage Then of course there is Eli.  Eli is adored in our house.  And for very good reason.  He is such a cute, animated, happy, and content little baby.  And we can’t get enough of him!  When he enters the room there are always three very eager and attentive kids in his face, wanting to share toys, hugs, and love.  And he puts up with it so well.  They even made up a song for him during our 5 hr car ride.  “Eli, Eli, don’t you know your Eli.  Eli, Eli, God Loves you.”  I’m sure it will be hit single shortly.  It already is at the circus.

I have truly enjoyed watching him grow and change over the past few months and am so sad I will miss out on the subtle changes of his growing up, now that he is back home. 

kids with Eli collage Last night when I told the kids it was time to say good bye,
“like a long goodbye” to aunt Karen and Eli, no one wanted to.  My youngest in all of her 2 yr old logic decided that if she just didn’t say goodbye than they wouldn’t leave.  Sadly, that plan wasn’t all that sound and she finally gave them a sorrowful parting hug. 

Thank you Aunt Karen and Eli for sharing life with us over the past few months.  We have treasured our times together and are already eager for your return!  Why does Texas have to be so far apart from MD?


  1. How blessed you have been to be able to share that time with them while Uncle Jim is protecting us in Iraq. They will be back soon - and making more precious memories! Great pictures (as usual)!!

  2. Such a sweet post, Crystal. I'm sure Aunt Karen feels the same way about you all. I can relate to this so much - missing my family back East and really cherishing the times that we're together.

  3. Pop and I are so glad you all have such fun together. What a blessing you all are to us.
    I am smiling as I remember the times you had with Karen and 'Ewi.'

  4. Crystal. I can't believe this post. You are such an amazing friend. And I love that I can call you that, too. I only wish Eli was old enough to really remember these last few months. We did make alot of memories, didn't we? Thank you for the awesome that you bring to our family. I'm still praying that we can get stationed close to home one of these days. Texas is too far away.

  5. I hate saying goodbye, too.
    Oh, I'm sorry that was so sad.
    The kids are so cute!

  6. it looks like you all had a ton of Fun!

  7. Little Eli is precious! And so are your little ones.

  8. You've brought me to tears with this post and given me goosebumps as I sit here in the have such a wonderful and special relationship with Karen that is one to treasure for sure. Looking at your pictures (can hardly believe you put the three of us in special do I feel!) is just a heartwarming experience. You can see the fun, the love, the laughter, and the memories.

    So glad you made the most of her time here.

    And Eli...well, words can hardly sum up just how cute he is! And getting so big!

    Hope they arrive safely back in Texas with the memories of your time together to keep them warm...wait a is already pretty stinking warm in Texas...forget it. You keep the memories for'll need them with this crazy winter we're having!


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