Fun with Mammals


In Science we’ve been talking about what God created on each of the 6 days of creation.  Currently we’re on day 6 and discussing the creatures that walked on the land. 

While the kids were playing on Friday, they got the idea to group their stuffed animals according to classification.  Of course they didn’t use these exact words.  But, they made a pile of non mammals and another of mammals and then called me in to take a look.  I praised their scientific efforts.  They then decided to find ALL of their stuffed animals to group. 

I was excited that they were so easily self entertained and let them go at it, while I worked to clean other areas of the house.   (trying really hard not to think about the mess huge pile of toys that was being formed in the schoolroom). 

Every few minutes one of them would come out to ask me, “Is this a mammal?”  “What about horses?”  I reviewed with my son the criteria for mammals.  A short while later he appeared and said, “Mom, what about boys?  Are boys mammals?  We have hair, but we don’t make milk.”


They were so excited to show me their giant mammal pile, themselves included as they too are mammals.


  1. i LOVE your kids. they're so full of knowledge. all kinds. even the lactating kinds. thanks for sharing their crazy stories. and the pictures to make them complete. :)

  2. I wish your kiddos could see my smile as I enjoy their discovery of God's creation and their roles in it. I love you all. Thank you for this blog, that lets me see through a window of their lives I would not otherwise see.
    Bless you all!

  3. That is a giant mammal pile! I'm betting we could make one like that too! Any tips on how to store those mammals? (the plush ones). They are EVERYWHERE in our house!

  4. Well - they learned their science lesson well. What a wonderful collection of mammals - even Noah would be surprised! Too cute!

  5. I love his critical thinking! you have got some smart kids there.

  6. Great question!! I think it's great when kids can extend "school" into playtime! It gives more opportunities to make the extra connections... like boys being mammals:)

    And I gotta mention that you have one HUGE pile of stuffed animals there;) Good reason for me to consider keeping our and not tossing them!!

  7. This is why I love homeschooling!!

  8. LOL at your son's question - that is great.

    Love this activity - what fun!

    Happy TTT!


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